Saturday, July 8, 2023

Review: Anastasia's necklace and earrings

Many of us have watched the animated movie Anastasia - or if you are lucky, maybe even the musical.  I have only seen the movie, and was hunted by the beautiful songs and the magic of a story that sadly, never came to past.  

As my interest for props used in movies is never ending, I wanted a replica of Anastasia's necklace - the one she used to open the musical box that her grandmother gave her.  As the movie is an animated one, the take on the necklace is an approximation.  However, I was lucky enough to find one that caught my attention.  The seller is LAcchiappasogni, from Etsy.  This is the exact necklace I bought.  I chose it mainly for the colors of the crystals and the size of the actual pendant.  I also chose a length of 65 cm and a type 3 chain.  Well, was I surprised when I received the package:

Look at that tiny Eiffel tower charm in the box!

 The packaging was done very carefully, and with great attention to detail.   I was enchanted by the Eiffel tower charm.  After all, it was "Together in Paris"!  I kept it and placed it on a shelf in my dollhouse.

And look at that!  The seller included a little gift in the tiny envelope.  A pair of clover earrings  So cute!! 

Now, back at the necklace.  It is simple gorgeous!  It is made with Swarovsky crystals, and you can tell by the way they shine and reflect the light.  The chain is very dainty and delicate, and also reflects the light beautifully - just like the one in the movie.  And of course, there is the engraving "Together in Paris" in the back of the pendant:

I am very happy with it.  I think it is a very well researched piece of jewelry.  It is obvious that there is a lot of care in the making of this necklace, to make it as screen accurate as possible.  That said, I would not give this necklace to a child smaller than 15-16 years old.  Playing with it would probably ruin it, as it is meant to be just worn and not handled too much.  

I also got a pair of earrings that Anastasia takes to the ballet:


I chose them with the silver setting.  They require pierced ears, as they close with a stud.  They are perfect.  They are not heavy at all, and are simple enough to be worn frequently or with any outfit.  They really look like a pair of icicles, and they shine beautifully!  They do not really scream movie accessory, and that makes them even better.  Good for ice princesses too! 

I highly recommend both of them!

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