Thursday, March 24, 2011

We have an apartment!


We signed the contract yesterday, and we already have the keys. The owner needs to move out some furniture, but she said that we can move after Saturday if we want. We don't even need to pay for these last days of March :) I am dying to go and begin decorating to make it our own. This weekend we are going to go looking for a comfy mattress. We have a beautiful vintage hand-made wooden carved bed that I am eager to try. I hope I can post some pics of our new place soon.

It has been a difficult month. Both we and hubby have had 2 colds each already - I guess contamination and being in a crowded city it's not being easy on us after having been living in the green Virginia.

But we have most of our legal documentation in order, and I may even have a job in perspective (crossing fingers!). We still have not got our stuff, but the ship it's supposed to arrive in Valencia today, so hopefully we will by the beginning of April.