Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trying some new objects...

Of course, I have watched the most recent movie of Harry Potter. Playing around in my head with new ideas for miniatures based on the popular books, I came up with this cabinet to sell on my shop:

Although the potion and the spirits bottles I have made before, I wanted to try something new, and made this cabinet thinking not on a laboratory, but more on a kitchen. The crate that holds the pumpkins I made it from scratch - it's my first one, and I am quite proud, as well as with the unicorn horns. The apples and the mushrooms were not difficult (not the first time) but I put the mushrooms over a page of an old issue of "The Daily Prophet" that is printed on a replica of parchment paper.

The pumpkins are Putka pods, that are seeds that are shaped like mini pumpkins.

So much fun to make!