Sunday, May 15, 2022

Something new, never done before

Following up with the Japanese scene, I had purchased a long time ago a kit to make a pond - with gravel, rocks, plants and fish.  However, the recipient was more intended for a garden or an outside scene, so I opted for doing an aquarium instead.

I was surprised when I caught myself thinking that Reutter boxes looked very much like an aquarium.  You just need to turn them upside down, both the clear plastic cover and the base:

Reutter box without the brand paper

... and turned upside down

It didn't take me long to design the aquarium.

I was nervous about mixing the resin for the "water", but I had brought home graduated cylinder to help with measurements.  I had to do 40 ml of water and that was too much for a couple of 5 ml syringes, which was what I had at home.  It turned out OK, and I poured the mixed resin in the aquarium:

I was hoping the fish would float, but it didn't happen...

Still, I love the composition!

I set everything apart so the resin would settle without incidents.  This morning I checked up on the tank, and I noticed that the resin had yellowed a bit, but not too much - it looks a little like murky water, but still everything can be seen clearly:

I am very happy with it.  My furniture is still stuck at Customs, so I have rescued an old table to put it on until the new ones come.

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Book Nook: Nurse's office

One of my husband's students brought us a gift some time ago.  She said it came from her mother, as she was very happy to see her daugther well adjusted and working hard, and thought it was thanks to my husband's mentoring.  Well, the gift in question came with a box, and I thought it would be nice to gift something back inside such box, and what better than a little mini scene.  The student's mother is a head nurse in a hospital - we all know how much they have been working since Covid struck, and I thought paying homage to her profession would be nice.

So here is the finished scene for her:

Except for the furniture, the jars and the stethoscope I had everything at home

Almost everything is made of paper

The gloves boxes I made scanning one that I brought home from the lab

The file holders I designed myself

Poster from the Covid prevention campaign

... and another one denouncing violence against medical personnel

The subway tiles wallpaper comes from Pixel Market, and the floor from Jessica Cloe Minis.  I am very happy how well it turned out.  I do hope the recipient likes it as well.