Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Solstice gift for Kassandra - Greenhouse with plants

Since Kassandra told me about her custom of exchanging presents for the Solstice, I wanted her to have something from me.  Yesterday I visited her, and I am happy that she was glad to see me.

She said she spent a marvelous holiday, going to her country of origin and seeing her other daughters that still live there.  She said she could also rekindle her relation with her brother, and that she was an invited musician to a concert to celebrate the New Year that had been orgazined.  Her brother was the conductor that night.  I asked what instrument she played.  "Cello", she said.  "My dear Amadeus taught me to play it". I did not want to ask if her "dear Amadeus" was Mozart...

When she invited me to sit down and offered something to drink, I gave her her gift. Remember that greenhouse that I bought at Tom Bishop's Show? I prepared a couple of plants: an Echeveria and some young saplings, and then offered the whole lot to her.

She was very happy to have a belated gift, specially something to keep delicate plants.  She was quick to find a place for it in her parlor, and gave effusive thanks.  

I am always happy to see her smile.

Also, a co-worker of mine has just been to the Canary Islands, and he was kind enough to bring this back for me:

It is a real live tiny cactus.  It only needs to be watered once a month.  I was ecstatic with the gift, and of course, so was Kassandra when I brought it over to the house.  This one has been put on the bedroom window.