Monday, August 13, 2018

Crafting journals

Long time no writing!

My absence is only due to a lot of crafting.  As many of you know, I am a follower of Vectoria Designs, and of course I have been doing many of the tutorials Tinne posts on YouTube.  The last one is one I am particularly proud of.

I have zero knowledge of scrapbooking, and most of the time I reproduce what Tinne does as faithfully as possible.  Not only to learn, but to see if my imaginations sparks a bit and I can create some pretty designs of my own.

The last tutorial she made was something that I just HAD to do.  Here is the video:

Since the student year has finished, I wanted to make this planner for my husband for next year.  It is something so simple and nice looking!  So, I took the freebie, printed about 27 sheets of paper (double sided) so it would last a whole year, and started crafting, following the instructions closely.  I so enjoyed it!  And here is the final result:



Weekly planner

My husband loved it!  And then I wanted to make one for myself.

Since I do not have a need for a planner, I decided to make a blank journal.  I chose a marine theme, with some of Tinne's gorgeous nautical papers, and this is what I finally made:


I was bold enough to add liner pages in this one :)

The little inside pocket holds a mermaid tag, that I will use as bookmark, when needed. 

I will probably make more of these as Christmas presents.  They are addictive, and there so many themes one can choose!

So, stop reading this and go make one for yourself!