Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Free printable! 2023 calendars

It is always a good idea to hang a pretty calendar in your dollhouse.  So, if you do not have one already, here are a couple of printies to make your own: a ballet one, because ballet always, and an animal one, because animals are awesome.  I made the pages in the Print a Calendar website.

I know it is the same picture as last year, but I just love the Mariinsky Nutcracker!

As always, feel free to print as many as you like, make gifts for friends and pass the file along to anyone; links back are nice too.  Just please do not sell the file or your creations.  Thank you very much, and enjoy! ♥

Sunday, January 15, 2023

New project finished! Advent calendar

Happy New Year, everyone!

I just realized that I had not posted a single thing since the finishing of the beach hut.  How is that possible?  Weeeell, truth be told, I haven't done much minis since then.  However, taking advantange of my husband's absence (he went to Hannover for 3 months), I wanted to make an Advent calendar for him - I promised to do it, and bought the calendar in the July sales.

I chose a blank wood calendar; I bought it here:

Stock photo

Since it has a central space, I thought it was perfect to do a Christmas scene in it.  But I started by painting it in gold and copper - hubby requested Steampunk feel.  So gold for the frame and copper for the drawers.  After that, I started designing the scene.  First, some wallpapering to set up the ambience:

You can see the gold and copper painted frame and drawers

The wallpaper comes from Easy Print and Cut, and so does the floor.  Super easy to cover, compared to a regular dollhouse with all its nooks and crannies!  Next, a fireplace:

There were several options available, but the dark ones gave a me a "sad" vibe, if you know what I mean.  This one was perfect for a warm and cozy room on a holiday.  Then, a window was needed:

I wanted to use both two windows, but the scene looked too crowded for my taste - a pity, cats and bats together are a perfect thing for me ;)  But really, it did not work.  Well, once the room was set up, it was time for decorations.  And after all the decorating, this is the final result:

The numbers on the drawers are from Vectoria Designs

The picture behind the Christmas tree you can find here.  The gifts piles are the work of Michael R. Miniatures

The rug is also from Easy Print and Cut.  There is a table with milk and cookies for Santa.
The cards and and paper tree on the fireplace come from Ever After Miniatures. The little basket and the pinecones are from Art of Mini.

My mother suggested a mirror on top of the fireplace, but I thought a tapestry was nicer. 

The tree, the sconce, the table and the rest of accessories are from Tienda de Casitas.   

 It was a super fan project, specially since I am not so fond of Christmas.  Hopefully I can start soon with the new project, with will involve even making furniture!  More on that very soon, I hope!