Saturday, June 20, 2015

Adding some greenies to the dollhouse

I have been wanting to add plants to the dollhouse for a looong time.  My dollhouse came from the shop with some reindeer moss and some artificial flowers already attached to the window sills:

The first pic I took a long time ago; the second is more recent.  But as you can see, the moss had taken a dusty, not good-looking appearance.  So I decided to remove everything from the windows and add some plants.

The moss was attached with something very similar to hot glue, so I just pulled off the moss and scraped the glue rests.  To my dismay, the glue had yellowed and stained the white paint of the window sills.  I decided to buy some glossy white paint and retouch everything.  As per my husband's advice, I bought a glossy white from Vallejo, which turned out it was EXACTLY the same shade of white.  I have spent all morning painting the sills, and now they look like new.  The windows were so awful stained in yellow I didn't even take pictures to show the before and after (sorry!).

It's been months since I have been searching online for just the perfect plants to start the window decorations.  The first additions were purchased 4 days ago, and yesterday they arrived all the way from Barcelona:

They are the best bonsais I have ever seen!  They are the babies of LugArt Petit, and I am so happy how well they look in the drawing room window.  If you are in need of a bonsai, LugArt Petit is the place to go!

My vampire tenant loves them.  She says that she appreciates very much the care and the art involved in producing bonsais.  Here is an interesting website to learn about them.

Naturally, she now demands more plants.  Thankfully, I acquired some time ago an Echeveria kit from The Miniature Garden, and I am in the process of making them.  Let's see how well the garden pot turns out...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New printable book up for sale!

Remember that mermaid book that I mentioned it was in the makings?  Well, it's finished, and it has made its debut on my shop; "The Book of Mermaids":

It has the same measurements as the vampire book, but a lot of different covers to choose from, all of them with a lovely mermaid scale pattern.

Another printable for you to have fun!  If you want it as a kit or as an already made book it can be done too. Just contact me.

Monday, June 8, 2015

New Mermaid Academy in Spain

A new Mermaid Academy has opened its doors in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands):

If you try it out, let me know how it goes!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fun with books

Inspired by the lovely books of My Miniature WorldShop, I have made my own readable book; it was unavoidable that it was related to vampires, and lo and behold, The Book of Vampires:

My goodness, it was a loooong process from beginning to end.  Good thing is, I have learnt a lot of stuff about Adobe Photoshop in the process; that is always helpful.

And as it could not be any other way, the book is now for sale as a printable in my shop.  Stay tuned, as a book about mermaids may be coming up next...