Saturday, February 21, 2015

My curtains are finally up!

So, my exquisite set of curtains from Tanya Shevtsova are finally in their place!  I am so, so happy, and so is my vampire tenant!  Here are some pics of them:

It was a delight working with Tanya.  She was great with communications, sent pictures of the progress to check that the curtains were as expected, and sent them very carefully packaged; each set was inside its own cardboard box, covered with fabric, and inside a plastic box to keep them protected from any accident.  I really cannot recommend her enough.  Her work is beyond compare, each piece lovingly made, and as you can see from the pics, they hang beautifully.

My vampire tenant loves having curtains instead of a door between the parlor and her studio.  She says whenever gets windy she likes to open the windows so the curtains move like there are ghosts around.  Sometimes she scares me...

She also has a new artifact on display on the window shop; a lovely telescope:

She says her clientele is slowly growing.  I am happy that her Magic Shoppe is finally getting accepted in the neighborhood!