Monday, October 10, 2016

Using other scales accessories

My husband is a collector of other scale miniatures - mainly Warhammer, but also other brands.  Perusing for some stuff that he wanted to buy I found a lovely collection of wood crates and boxes:

Since I am working now on a shop, I wanted to have some boxes with freshly arrived stuff, and I loved the way these crates were designed.  Even though they are supposed to be for a Far West game, I think they look pretty standard for other purposes.  And for more fun, they were a kit.  They look awesome:

You can see they are obviously from a different scale, but they were so much fun to make, and so easy! The kit brings two of each, so if you need to fill a barn, an storage room or a wagon they will be great.

I will be using some to decorate the shop by putting stuff over them.  Some I will leave open to put stuff in, as if Kassandra was unpacking the merchandise.

What have you been up to?