Sunday, December 1, 2019

Table for the museum, and some new pieces

Yay, it's done!

It only took one afternoon of work, but I am happy with the final result.  This was a serving table that I purchased from Beautifully Handmade, and that I wanted to incorporate to Kassandra's museum.  The drawers did not have holes for me to put on the pullers, so I had to do them myself.  Good thing that my husband had the right tool for me to do it!

I simply stained it with Scalecolor Inktense Chestnut ink, and let it dry.  Then, I added the handlers, which are, of course, pieces from Bindels Ornaments.

And vĂ²ila!

The lower shelf has a bit of uneven color, but it was hell trying to stain the little rail between the boards!  I had to use a double 0 brush, and even so, ink got everywhere.  But alas, I am guessing most of the shelf will be covered by artifacts, so I do not think it will matter in the end.  Here are already some pieces decorating the table:

You can see here the sides of the Egyptian jewelry box.  The round box is supposed to have lapislazuli inlays.

Also, here are some religious artifacts, made with Bindels pieces as well:

Today I put a huge order with them, hoping I can recieve it for next weekend, which will be four days long!  I cannot wait to start crafting with them,  I have plenty to do!