Friday, March 10, 2017

1/144 scale furniture

My mom is very excited about her new micro mini dollhouse!  She has already ordered furniture to decorate it; and I have ordered too some kits for her - and one for me as well ;)

Pic taken by SDK Miniatures
I just love SDK Miniatures so much! Their kits are delightful and so easy to do.  I just saw their English Country Cottage Series.  I definitely need the Dove Cottage in my life!

It will be so much fun to do these kits!  I am only keeping the drawer chest to add to my dollhouse. The rest are for my mom.  Well, maybe I will keep a couple of mirrors too...

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Micro mini dollhouse for my mother

My mom has an ordinary cabinet that she used to showcase jewelry in our of her scenes.  The scene, a fancy ladies shop, has changed recently with new furniture and decorations, and she did not like the cabinet there anymore.  Since the cabinet has a couple of glass doors, she had the idea of transforming it into a 1/144 scale dollhouse.

She wanted to buy the furniture and start decorating right away, but I told her maybe it would be nice to put some wallpapers and some walls on it, and I offered to do it for her, as she has zero hability for this kind of thing.  She happily accepted.

It did not take me long to design some pretty wallpapers with the help of Vectoria Designs papers.  I submitted everything for approval, and today I finally put it together:

Upstairs there will be a bedroom and a sitting room - kind of like a suit, that is why there is no extra wall added there.  Downstairs a kitchen and a living room.  I made the extra wall with balsa wood, whose edge I painted with a red marker to imitate the mahogany of the cabinet.

I am very happy how it turned out.  I know she will have fun adding furniture!