Friday, February 28, 2014

Murder, she wrote part 3: The murderer is...

...none other than the mistress of the deceased!  The man found out she was actually a spy, and she killed him to prevent him from talking.

My goodness!

Here are some pics of the police taking away the suspect, hopefully for good:

Note the tiny handcuffs on the detective's hands

And another case brilliantly solved.  Hope you had fun with these vignettes!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Miniature soap box display available in my shop

I love tiny toiletries!  Even though my dollhouse does not have a bathroom, I love to peruse for them and create my own - and then gift them to my mother, who do has a bathroom.  

This miniature is very special, because it has a real vintage label from Ivory soap:

It is a display box that holds 12 tiny soap boxes, all of them with the Ivory soap label on both sides.  Boxes can be opened, and they come in 2 designs, white and blue.  They would look wonderful on a shop, spa, drugstore or pharmacy counter.

If you want more fun, why not make your own?  This design is also available as a printable for you to download and assemble.  Come and take a look!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Murder, she wrote part 2

The investigation has begun!  Two police detectives are perusing the crime scene:

Nothing has been altered yet, although the corpse has been removed, and the silhoutte of the deceased has been marked in the ground - the blood puddle is still fresh...  The detectives are currently searching for clues.  Notice the magnifying glass in the hand of one of them:

The other one is searching through the papers.  Is the murder related to the dead man business?  Who knows?  Better to take a look at the file cabinet...

Who is the murderer?  Stay tuned for the conclussion...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dollhouse miniature desk for witch or wizard available in my shop

I love, love, love this desk!  It has been sitting in my own dollhouse for 12 years, but it's time for it to go to a new caring home.

To bid him good bye I have dressed it thoroughly with paper goodies and writing materials, and it will look awesome in any setting; I designed it for a witch or wizard home and it has some unicorn drawings on the table, but you can stuff those in a drawer and you will have a beautiful piece suitable for any house.
This is a wood desk with 5 working drawers and includes everything you see.  Even the drawers have some stuff in them:

Obviously, since I made this with one of my own pieces, this design is one of a kind, and once it is gone, there will be no more like it.  It is waiting just for you in my shop.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Murder, she wrote

So, my mom has been feeling naughty these last weeks, and, as a Hercule Poirot and Jessica Fletcher fan, she has been planning a murder on one of her dollhouse scenes.

Imagine an office where a crime has been comitted: a woman walks in to find her husband murdered, a knife on his chest, and cries for help.  Someone hurries and finds this scene:

The pool table is out of place and a chair has been knocked over. The corpse still bleeds and the blood is covering the floor.

It cannot have been a robbery.  The safe has still all the bank notes inside...

The man is shocked and the woman is still hysterical.

LOL.  The blood looks so awkward because it is red clay with a shiny nail polish layer!  Mom did not want to use red dye for obvious reasons. 

Who is the murderer? Stay tuned for more episodes...

Friday, February 7, 2014

Special FX contact lenses!

My husband is gifting me cosmetic contact lenses for Valentine's day, and  I went to order them today.  It's been years since I wanted to have special effect contact lenses!  

The best part is, they are not expensive, and I will be able to buy them regularly.  And even better, I won't have to wait long for them.  The guy in the shop said he would contact me probably next Wednesday!

I chose Colourvue Crazy Lens, since they make them graduated, and I won't have trouble seeing while wearing them.  This is the model I chose:

I can't wait to try them on!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Minion Plush Toy

Isn't he the cutest thing ever?
I have loved Minions since the first Gru movie came out. My husband went on a job-related trip recently and he brought this Minion for me as a gift.

I am not ashamed to say that it has never left my side since it arrived home! It is utterly adorable! I just love the expression of smugness on its face. We call him Jordi because it came from Barcelona (although I know in the movie he is called Stuart).

I made a short video of him if you want to see him in detail.  Enjoy!

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Magictail tail skin!

So, since I am using my Magictail so much I decided to order a new tail skin, as birthday gift to myself.  You do know you can order tail skins separately, right?  I wanted to order a new one to have as a replacement, since Magictails are made of swimsuit fabric, and eventually, all swimsuit fabric gets ruined by chlorine.

Well, since I was doubtful between the Marina and the Arielle the first time I ordered, I chose an Arielle skin this time.  I ordered it on January 27th, and it was already here on the 31st.  Here are some pictures of the two tails together:

Monofin on the blue one
Monofin on the green one
Fluke detail
Compare colors

Comparing sizes
The blue one has stretched a bit with the use
As you can see, there is a noticeable size difference between the two.  I contacted Kirsten Söller to check if there was a mistake with my order, although I did not think so.  Everything was marked very clearly with my chosen sizes; the monofin fits perfectly, and the tail fits me.  I was informed that there is a tag inside the tail skin with the size, and indeed, mine is size L.  So you can see that tails stretch quite a bit after some use.  I have had the Marina for almost 2 years, but I have used it a total time of maybe 2 months of daily use, about 3 or 4 hours per day.

Both tails are not similar in color.  The Marina is definitely a darkish blue with shades of black, and the Arielle, despite having shades of turquoise, it has a predominant soft green color.  I love them both, but the Marina is still my favorite.  I will probably buy more blue skins when mine has been completely worn out.

I will shoot a video comparing the two shortly.  Stay tuned!

Here is the promised video.  Enjoy!