Thursday, July 27, 2017

We are already in Salamanca!

And we are exhausted!

We arrived here on the evening of July 17th, and we took residence in our new home the following day in the morning, when the movers delivered all our stuff from Madrid.  We have been unpacking boxes every day since then, and the house is almost finished.  The only thing that it lacking is hanging up all the pictures, frames and artwork.  And of course, we have a room with all the stuff that we had in storage that is untouched; we will be doing that soon, but not in a hurry. 

It is a beautiful house, and we love it so much!  It is probably the biggest house we have ever rented; it is a 4th floor in the downtown district, with lots of sun and light and wind - we even get to see bats flying about in the dusk.  We even have a lovely balcony in which we put a carpet of artificial grass, a folding table and two chairs.  We have a cool view of the roofs over the city.

The movers brought yesterday all the laboratory stuff; we only unpacked the things that needed to be storaged at various degrees of cold (4ºC, -20ºC, -80ºC and liquid nitrogen).  It took us a couple of hours, but now everything is secure in their place.  We began with the unboxing today, and even though there are less boxes than in our home, is going to take us some days.  The good thing is that the lab is huge, and we have lots of room to storage everything properly.

We will be going on vacation very soon.  I am so looking forward to it; we will be going to the sea side where I can use my mermaid tail again.  I bought a new skin some days ago; I hope it arrives on time!