Monday, January 31, 2011

The long absence and a new spending habit

It's been some time since my last entry. Apologies for that!

I'll be moving to my home country, Spain, at the end of February. I have been very, very busy cleaning up the basement, selling the car, preparing the move and a lot more things, so my time in front of the computer has suffered as a result. I hope I can have some moments to share my thoughts now that *almost* everything has been taking care of.

I have had no time to do new mini designs, but I have been collecting some vintage botanical images and converting them to mini prints, very useful for witch and wizard libraries; I hope I can share pics of them very soon. Obviously, my shop will remain closed for some time, until we have had time to set up in Spain. I hope I can continue crafting and sharing minis, but one never knows... Wish me luck with that!

Also, I am beginning a new journey. My dear hubby gifted me a corset for my birthday. A real corset! And I have fallen in love with it, to the point that I hope I can begin to have a nice collection of them.

As with any new hobby, I have spent some time perusing the net, trying to learn as much as I can about corsets. I have already found out many things that I did not know, and I am happy to share them. I hope you forgive my enthusiasm...

First, my very first corset was not a real corset. It is what is called a "fashion corset". It has the shape, and the construction, but it is not meant for tight lacing, and it is recommended for novices and people that want a fancy look for a short period of time, such as a prom or a wedding. This video is particularly helpful if you want to know more details.

Also, here are the instructions for you to learn how to put on a corset by yourself. Previous to this video, I always required help from my husband. Not anymore! I assure you it is easier than it looks :)

And finally, pics of my corsets. Sorry they are commercial pics. I hope I can have some taken soon...

My first corset, bought some years ago. Very comfy! From Medieval Collectibles.

My second corset and first underbust. Bought a couple of years ago, and never used until last week. I made a mistake at ordering, and it is a bit big for me, but I have decided I am going to use it anyway. This is a real corset. From Shaper Corset.

My birthday gift, and used today for the first time. I got 3 people complimenting my outfit, and that made me very happy! Also from Shaper Corset.

This one arrived today on the mail. I have tried it on and it is just gorgeous! It really gives you the hourglass figure. From Orchard Corset.

I have a lot of breaking to do with my corsets, but I am definitely looking forward to it!