Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Little details

Sometimes life can get hectic, and you have some small projects that get pushed to the back burner, and never finished.  I had one of those projects since before last Christmas!  So I was very happy when I finally ended it.

It is a very simple wood tray that I made out of popsicle sticks.  My coworker Carlos, who is a darling, cut the sticks for me.  I stained it and put some candles on it for a cozy look in the living room.


The handles I bought from Tienda de Casitas; the round candles are from Art of Mini and the pillar candles were a gift from Nalladris.  They are all snow white as if they were just new from a shop.  I do not like to display already burnt candles - not even in real life! - so the wicks are white too.

I love the center table!  It has a sliding drawer under the glass that you can decorate with stuff.  I (oops, my mistake, I mean Kassandra, of course!) put two black and white ballet photographs on it.  The lower drawer also opens.  There are some cutlery sets, placemats and coasters on it.

Also, I made two vintage posters for the museum scene.  This time it's Titanic memorabilia.  You all know that Kassandra was a passanger of Titanic, so naturally anything Titanic interests her:

The largest one depicts an add for tickets sales of the sailing from New York to Europe - that naturally never took place.  I love how they look!

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Kassandra's new home is finally finished!

It's a great day today!  The house construction is finally over.  Kassandra is over the Moon, and now she just wants to decorate, decorate, decorate!

We started work today by finishing the library's ceiling.  Kassandra found some really nice ceiling decorations at Miniature Wallpaper.  The paper is of very good quality, and they ship them inside a cardboard roll, so it will get to you without any wrinkles or damage.  However, in our case, it was impossible to make it flat, even though it was put under some weight for more than a week.  We managed to work with it, and since it is thick, it was not affected by the manipulation.

We started by taking measures to put the two sheets together: 

It looks better in the picture.  It is darker in real lifer.

When working, Kassandra was disappointed to find that they had included a copyright notice in the same wallpaper, forcing us to take out a strip of about 0.5 cm:

 The good thing is that the sheet tile very well, and we had a very nice piece of paper when we finished:

We had to hold it with something because it kept rolling on itself...


But the final set up was grandiose!  Kassandra was very happy with the final look:

She got a new carpet from Ana Circea's shop

Finished the library, we started with the living room's ceiling.  We proceeded the same as in the library: took measures, mounted the sheets, and applied them to the ceiling:

Kassandra says she loves how bright and big the room looks now.  She is also happy that the stairs hole  is finally covered.  She says the next thing to do here is to hang some pictures on the walls.  Do you see the picture of the lady next to the aquarium?  Kassandra says it is featured in the intro of a vampire TV show that she loves.

And finally, we went to the conservatory, to mount a carved ceiling piece:

It only lacks a lamp now, which is already on its way...

 We are very happy of today's day of work!

Friday, June 25, 2021

Free printable! Operation game box and board

I looooove designing my own printies!  The search for images, the composition process on the computer, and then printing them, and seeing how everything works together... Priceless!

Here is a new free mini for you to enjoy: a printable Operation box and board!

I glued the playing board onto a piece of 3 mm foamboard, to give it a 3D look.  You can use too regular cardboard (one piece or several pieces attached to each other).

As always, feel free to use it, make gifts for your friends, and share (links back are nice too!), but please do not sell the file or your creations.  Enjoy!

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Nursery scene - a gift for a coworker

One of my coworkers recently had a baby girl.  I made a little scene for her that she could use to decorate the baby's room.  

 For the room I used a small coin bank with the coin slot side as bottom.  I dressed up the walls, sides and ceiling with paper - I used one of Zenas Miniatures downloads to make the baby items.  Then I took a couple of frames to hang some art in the walls (one of them features the baby's name), and bought some commercially made baby items to fill the basket; and of course, a teddy bear.

The food packages and the diaper box I designed myself with images found on Google.

 It was super easy and fast to do.  My coworker loved it.  I hope her child can appreciate it too when she grows up :)