Monday, September 21, 2009

Crafting sweets

As mentioned some entries below, I purchased some round tin boxes to turn them into patisserie boxes. It was such joy to make these, with the help of the Kemper cutters! It took me more than I expected, but I wanted them to be simply perfect. I am so happy how they turned out:

Shortbread cookies box and chocolates box. They both have colored tissue paper on the bottom, and the sweets are glued in place. I was very lucky to find a picture of the typical Danish butter cookies tin to decorate one of the lids!

This is how they look inside the pastry cabinet, in my dollhouse shop:

I made another chocolate box for the living room, to accompany the Absinthe tray. What is Absinthe without a bit of dark chocolate indulgence?

Probably the next cabinet that I'll do for my shop will have at least one chocolate box - this time made from scratch - as well as sweets, or Halloween goodies. We'll see...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Miniature custom made cakes

When browsing around for ideas to include in my dollhouse pastry shelf, I came upon Dollhouse Delights' shop, and I found this lovely cake:

Dollhouse Delights offers to make a miniature replica of your special occasion cake. Isn't it a wonderful idea? The one in the picture is simply beautiful; my lovely vampire would definitely like one just like it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Making miniature delights

Browsing the work of great miniature artists that featured little chocolates and cookies with the most whimsical forms I could not help but wonder "How in the world can they make something so tiny?" The answer is simple: cutters! Trivial, right? Well, wrong. Most of the cutters I found at craft stores or Amazon were designed to make jewelry or beads. Not knowing any brands, it was quite difficult for me to find cutters for miniature work.

Until the day I searched for "miniature cutter" on Etsy and came upon the brand Kemper. I was quick on purchasing a set of five, and I couldn't wait for them to arrive and begin experimenting. This is my first set of "shortbread cookies" made from polymer clay - they are a gift for my mom:

In the following days I am going to make more of them, as well as chocolates, to decorate the miniature tin boxes that I mentioned some days ago. Can't wait to see them finished!


Sometimes it's truly a pleasure when you add a final touch to an object. I purchased this gorgeous and out-of-the-ordinary Gothic chandelier, and although it's been hanging on its place for some time, I just added the candles. I hand-made them from polymer clay - believe it or not, the holes in which they sit are too small for commercial candles.

My house does not have electric light - I just prefer it that way -, and all the commercial chandeliers that I found were too "normal looking" for my theme. This one comes from janetplanet1 on eBay. She does not have them usually in stock, so keep on checking if you want one!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hectic August

Wow, it's almost Fall and it's been some time since my last entry!

On my behalf I would say that it's been quite a hectic August; we went on vacation to Baltimore and Philadelphia, were I have begun a new collecting habit - penny coins. Sure you have seen those machines that you put a penny into and it squeezes it and engraves a design. No? Then, take a look at the Penny Collector web page.

I have been browsing a lot, looking for inspiration for new designs; also making little treasures for my mom's dollhouse; and of course, hunting for new objects for my own dollhouse.

I have purchased some little treasures since last time I shared pics, so here they are:

A whimsical working hourglass for the magic shop; a bit expensive, but worth the price, I think

A door bell for the shop

The lovely mortar and pestle for the study

An unusual book buggy; all these four come from Kerbey Lane Miniatures on eBay

I have been refining my chocolate boxes making technique; I bought a punch to make the top and the bottom more attractive than a simply square. And recently I have acquired some molds to make the bonbons and cookies.
I am waiting for some tin round boxes to arrive to begin crafting like crazy!