Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Little dollhouse finished!

My vampire tenant is ecstatic that the project has finished so succesfully.  She wants to share the pictures of the final moments of construction.

The ceiling was finally painted a soft brown color, and the roof glued in place, along with a decorative triangular piece.

Then, a decorative arch was added to the front door.

Then, a decorative piece was placed on the roof.

While they both settled, the roof of the arch was glued and left to dry.

And finally, it was put in place.

And the house is finished!!

She is still not sure about painting the outside.  She will think about it.  But she has finally decided that she will display it in the parlor.  It is already there, while she peruses the internet for some pieces of furniture to fill it up with.  


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Building a 1:144 dollhouse kit

My vampire tenant is building a dollhouse!

She has told me that it is a costume in her country that when a woman marries, she starts building a dollhouse that resembles the real house she lives in.  She says that she has not been able to find a castle that resembles her home, so she has opted instead for a little dollhouse, like the one I am renting to her.

She says she found the materials in a shop called MiniaturasMyE, and she is very happy with them.  She even shared with me some pictures:

The kit still in the matrix
She said that even though it came with nothing to decorate, she is definitely adding stuff to the inside.  So she started by designing and cutting her own wallpaper:

The paper comes from Vectoria Designs.  She loves her Steampunk collections!  She says it was difficult to cut all the little windows, but she is happy how that turned out.  She glued the paper to the walls, and then the walls to the base and to themselves:

See the little shatters in the window?
The shatters were supposed to be put at the end of the project, but my lady said that she preferred to add them while the house was not having any material protruding, in case she needed force to make the glue stick.  That was not necessary, though, the glue is fantastic.  It came from The Miniature Garden.

Then she added the first floor base:

And then the roof:

She is currently deciding which color she is going to paint the ceiling, so that is all for now.  I cannot wait to see it finished!

She says she is still unsure about were she is going to put it.  Probably in the parlor, but we will see...

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Free dollhouse corset box printable

It's been some time since I have wanted to design stuff for printables again.  

Just a few weeks ago, my vampire tenant asked for a nice box to pack her corset, her garter belt and her garter.  I told her I would be delighted to make something for her, as soon as I was back from my holiday vacation (post about that coming soon!).  She was not very happy that I was postponing her request, but I told her that I needed time to think about the layout for the box.  She seemed satisfied with that, and accepted to wait.

After the first week of work, it has been wonderful to spend a bit of time doing miniatures!  Naturally, I have had the time to do the corset box for her.  

She is very happy about the design; even though she is not particularly fond of pink, she said that the box was something that it could have been in any lingerie shop at the turn of the 20th century.  Here is a pic of the corset inside the box:

I asked her if she would mind that I share the design with my readers, and she graciously accepted.  So here you go, a printable corset box for you:

The box is big enough to fit a commercial 1/12 scale corset inside, but you can play with sizes if you like.

I hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Enrolling on online courses

Very recently I signed up at edX for an online course about the ethics and laws regarding organ trasplants in Spain.  As a lab tech, I figured it would be an interesting issue for me and my career.  It was easy enough, we had a final exam that I passed with flying colors and I even got an official certificate stating my success on it.  edX kept my email and they are sending me regular emails with offers for other popular courses.

I had a great surprise last week when I was offered a course on the book "Dracula" by Bram Stoker.  Wow! A course to talk about one of my favorite books!  I just signed up for it.

I cannot wait for it to begin!