Friday, December 20, 2013

More new minis

So, here are the promise pictures of the new minis from Linda Sweigart.  This is probably my new favorite thing in the dollhouse:

It is a wonderful tapestry entitled "Sir Galahad".  My vampire lady says it reminds her a lot of her beloved, who used to be a knight of the realm too.  You can see there is a picture of "The Accolade" very near it.  Also, a coat-of-arms that I purchased ages ago, and that I just recently finished painting:

I also have a stack of medieval pages (you can see them on the red chair), also the work of Linda, that are waiting for their new place to be.

There are too new lamps in the bedroom and in the exterior wall of the house:

I love these lamps!  I was too afraid of wiring my dollhouse for electricity, so up to now, it had no lights at all.  All the lamps were just props, and did not work.  But some time ago my mom told me about a new type of lamps that worked with batteries and had LED lights, and that did not need wiring; you just attach them to the walls or ceilings with a magnet.  She purchased one for me, and I acquired these two.  They are great!  They have an ON/OFF switch (just like the real ones) and have a lot of shine.  They look wonderful when it's dark.

As of today, I am going to make renovations in the drawing room, and I just purchased a new bookshelf that is going to be full with books and papers.  Books with pages, as I do not like dummy books.  I am also waiting for the first book to arrive, and I have more that I intent to purchase soon.  More info on that when they arrive...


P.S. My mother decorates her dollhouse and scenes for Christmas (trees, gifts, cakes, decorations, Christmas cards, nativity...)  Do you as well?  My vampire lady celebrates Winter Solstice, but she does not decorate.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Showing newly acquired minis

Is it not a satisfaction when you are expecting miniatures and they arrive in the mail?  I love to open those small packages and marvel at their contents.  It's been quite some time since I had minis for myself, and I am so happy to be able to share them:

It is me on the cover of the magazine  :)
This is a wonderful collection of letters made by Montserrat Folch.  I am so in love with them, specially the tiny wax seal and the sealing wax: they are just perfect!  Did you know I use sealing wax frequently?  Hence my wonder at this lovely mini.

These adorable tiny shoes are the work of Miniaturas y Vintage.  I love that they are a very good match to the dress that Anabela Menocal made:

The wonderful black parasol is the work of Linda Kravitz.  These pieces are gifts from my mom.

The lovely candle snuffer is like one I have in real life size.  It is the baby of Syreeta Miniatures.

I am still waiting on a couple of treasures from Linda Sweigart.  I'll share pics when they arrive.  In the meantime, here are a couple of books I made:

I used the Barnes and Noble Collectible Editions covers from Dracula and Frankenstein. I know they are very modern editions, but I love the design.  I may redo them to put on a shelf I am planning on buying to redecorate the drawing room.  And just for your delight, and because it is one of my favorite creations, a pic of the room showing the absinthe display:

Check out the mentioned sellers because they are awesome.  I am sure you will find something you just have to have!