Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Ceiling for the bedroom installed

Today Kassandra and I finished installing the ceiling in the newly refurbished bedroom.  She chose a white, decorated ceiling - actually, the same as she installed in the living room.  It took us very little time to put it in place:


... and after


Simple yet elegant.  She is very excited now to get some decorations for the walls.  She says she is expecting the delivery of a new night stand, and a mirror.  

In the meantime, I guess we will be looking for some pictures to hang...  Once they are installed, we will be putting up the lighting again.

Monday, May 15, 2023

New furniture for the bedroom, and free printables!

This weekend Kassandra and I have been busy getting ready her new shelves for the refurbished bedroom.  We had a great time assembling them - she said this was her first time assembling furniture, and she thought it was a lot of fun.

She has decided to go for an Scandi look, and this was the first one we did:

Can you see the assembly guide on the floor?

"Thank goodness for illustrated instructions!", she said.  "I thought we would be having to go through technical names, and I am terrible at that."

"Yes, it is true that this furniture is very easy to put together.  Are you going to use it as is?"

"Oh no, I got some storage boxes for it.  What do you think about them?"


"Always black with you, my dear!  But I really like the dotted one!  It gives a pinch of informality to the set."

"Yes, I think so too.  Let's start with the second one!"

And said and done, this was the second shelf:

"Very nice!", she said.  "I like the simplicity."

"Let's put it in place."

"I love it!  I'm so happy with my new bedroom!"


Fantasy apart, I love that these pieces are so similar to a real life ones from a very well known Swedish  shop.  I am very happy that we can find modern looking furniture for modern settings.  You can find them already painted (I have seen them only in white), or in untreated wood (like mine).  I painted them white, obviously.  I have another set in my Japanese room.  In that case I painted them black.  You can find these kind of shelves at Beautifully Handmade.  

Also, the storage boxes I designed myself specifically for these shelves,  inspired by the real counterparts.  So, if you have these same shelves, I am happy to share with you the free printable to make them.  Also, if you are a devil for the details as I am, here is also the assembly guides printable.

As always, feel free to print as many as you like, make gifts for friends and pass the file along to anyone; links back are nice too.  Just please do not sell the file or your creations.  Thank you very much, and enjoy! ♥

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Renovations! Kassandra is at it again...

I was afraid that this could happen... Kassandra was very excited last time I talked to her.  She said great changes had happened in her life, and wanted to do some renovations at her new place. 

"What is it this time?", I asked.  "The floor in the ballet studio?"

"No, my dear.  A bedroom renovation.  And I can't wait.  Some days ago I purchased a new bed, furniture and linens.  So we need to get this done this weekend."

And as it could not be any other way, I agreed to help.  We started by tearing off the old wallpaper - that crypt wallpaper that she had liked so much, and I was skeptic to put on - and started installing the new one.

It was sad seeing the bedroom like this...

... but we started working very excited to see the results

 "This is a change from your usual choices", I said.

"Yes.  I have noticed that my own tastes have changed recently, and this is more atuned to my new style."

Left wall finished

It's starting to look good...

"For the last wall, I am doing something different.  I am using a mural with birch trees.  To break the monotony and provide a different visual effect."

"Wow.  You seem to have been studying interior decorating."

"Ha, ha, not really!  I just saw this wallpaper and liked it very much.  I thought it would be an interesting addition.  Let's see how it looks."

"Well, I think it looks fantastic, Kassandra!"

"Thank you, dear.  We are only lacking the floor.  Luckily, it won't take us long to install it.  I cannot wait to see the whole room finished."

"Very nice!  I'm assuming the wallpapers and the floor come from you usual sources?"

"Oh yes!  My friend Ana provided them.  And Jessica Cloe did the birch forest.  Let's put the new bed in place!"

"Oh, that is very nice!  Where did you get it?"

"It was made for me by Joann, of ZJMiniatures.  She is fantastic making furniture.  My sofa and ottoman are also from her.  I love her style!  The bed linens come from her shop too."

"I assume you are not going to use your old furniture, right?  It will look out of place in such a modern setting."

"Of course not!  I have bought two cube storage shelves.  I already have them, but I have to paint them in white.  And today I ordered a new nightstand and miror."

"I can't wait to see your new decoration!"

"Well, give me some days.  I think you are going to love it..."