Sunday, August 30, 2015

Free dollhouse printable moving and shipping boxes!

I have recently rented a small self-storage space, and I have been busy clasifying and packing things in boxes.  And of course, seeing all those neat and tidy-looking boxes, I wanted some in miniature too.

Since my vampire tenant does not plan to move anytime soon, I decided I would do some packages for her - either shipping parcels for her customers, or stuff that she bought and was sent to her.

I just finished them this morning.  I love how they turned out!

I printed the box design directly onto brown cardboard to mimic the color of real shipping boxes, and as real shipping boxes, I closed them up with clear tape and slapped some shipping labels on them.  Here they are in their final places:

I am still not sure if they are coming in or going out...
I am very happy to share with you the files for the boxes and some moving and shipping labels that you can affix to them if you want.  Bear in mind that I made them as the real thing, and you have to either close them with tape or use glue in the interior flaps; they do not have a lid that comes up, like decorating boxes.  Feel free to use them and pass them along to anyone (crediting the source or linking back here), but please do not sell them.

I hope you enjoy them!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

More minis arrived!

Yay!  More mini packages in the mailbox!

These beauties come from MiniFanaberia.  A lovely spice cabinet and a little gift from the maker, Dorota, a "Welcome" sign:

The little drawers even open!!!
They are additions to my tenant's Magic Shoppe.  They are already in their final places:

The sign hangs from the door

And the cabinet rests on the shelf
Also, a standing lantern kit from Gypsy Boudoir Miniatures:

This is going to be a gift for my tenant's study.  Shhh, don't say anything to her!
And some little crucifixes, that are essential in the project of the jewelry box.  They come from Miniaturas M. José:

I can't wait to start working on my projects!  Unfortunately these days I am busy organizing my new rented self-storage space.  Hopefully I will be able to start something during the weekend...

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Roll call for Lovecraft lovers!

There is a new miniature up for sale in my shop.  This time a made to order very special item: a set of papers from Miskatonic University!

The set includes a diploma with your chosen name and subject, a letter of acceptance, a registration card and a library card.  The cards will also bear your chosen name.

More dollhouses need diplomas in their walls, specially of an important and well-considered (if somehow dangerous for the mind) university!

Get them here!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dollhouse miniatures arriving!

I get so happy when I open my mail box and find little treasures buried amongst the letters!  Today a lot of minis arrived, and I am so excited about them.

First, hardware.  A bag of drawer pullers to decorate some boxes I made, and hinges to see if I can help my mom to fix a 1:144 scale dollhouse that she bought already made and whose door insists on falling off.

Then, a chest box with parfum bottles and jewelry.  It is somehow cute, but I want to try and make something really special with it that I wanted to have and could not buy, because the ones I saw were reaaaaaally expensive.  I hope I can manage it, but if I don't I know I won't have lost much money on it.  It cost less than $5.

And finally, something really special for my vampire tenant.  Gothic furniture for her 1:144 scale dollhouse!

She says she cannot wait to start assembling the kits.  They are very tiny, and they are going to be a challenge, but I am very looking forward to see how they turn out.  They come from SDK Miniatures.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Penny Dreadful Magazines!

I don't know how I did not think about this before!  What better way to capture the gothic literature from Victorian times than penny dreadfuls!

When I searched "Penny Dreadful" the first thing that popped up were links for the famous HBO series.  I wonder how many people actually know that penny dreadfuls were British weekly publications that costed a penny, and that were supposed to be about gory and bloody events.  Probably the most known penny dreadful is "Sweeney Todd, or The String of Pearls".  My first penny dreadful was, obviously, "Varney the Vampire".  Did you know that Varney had more than 500 episodes the first time it was published?  Talk about telenovelas!

As predicted, my lovely tenant asked for some copies for herself.  She is very fond of Varney.  She insists the poor soul is just misunderstood.

In any case, they are available now for sale in my shop, so go take a look and buy some.  If you have a Victorian home they are definitely a must!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Magazine project finished... and more

My vampire tenant had a lot of stuff to show me today.

She said she finally finished organizing her magazines (I would have never thought that she liked reading magazines, but she is full of surprises).  She was very happy with the holders I made for her, and she made very good use of them:

She has quite a collection of magazines, from very different subjects.

Dark Realms is a magazine that is no longer made.  It featured gothic artwork, which she says she very much enjoyed.  Besides them, cinema and TV magazines featuring vampires and werewolves programming.  My tenant says Eric from True Blood, and Damon from The Vampire Diaries are yummy (!).  

Besides, a collection of magazines that belongs to her goddaughter Claudia - my tenant says she loves mermaids.  Besides, a collection of National Geographic isssues, featuring animals for Claudia and an issue about the sinking of the Titanic - my tenant says she was on the ship's maiden voyage and that she survived miraculously.  And finally, some issues of Gothic Beauty - she very much enjoys the pictures of the pretty clothing.

The Darkness Magazine is a non-existent publication that I made up some time ago with my picture on the cover.  If you want to make your own magazine you can do so here.

As a fun addition, the National Geographic magazines have an ad on the back:

They are all now neatly organized in her room and her parlor:

Also, she went shopping and bought a gift for her beloved:

The lovely pocket watch was made by Tj Miniatures.  I made the box and the bag with the label.  Now it is waiting besides the chatelaine for Selma.

I am working now on some magazines for my Etsy shop.  I am sure when I finish them my tenant will want some issues for herself.  More on that very soon!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Free printable! Dollhouse magazine holders

I have embarked on a new project that requires to organize a lot of magazines.  

My vampire tenant says her stuff needs some order, and asked for some magazine holders.  I suggested she buy some of the pretty designs that are available, but she said that many of them did not match her taste.  She does not like "girly" things such as flower prints or polka dots, and wanted some Steampunk or Victorian holders.

Once again, I had to design them myself, and once again, she was very happy with what I provided.

She also said it was a pity that people were going to miss on the pretty and unusual design, and said that I should share them with my readers.  So, to satisfy my lovely tenant, here are the magazine holders for you to enjoy.

One is blank so you can add you own design if you wish.  Have fun organizing your dollhouse magazines!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Free printable dollhouse bags

Following up with the corset box, here is a new design I made for dollhouse bags, and I am happy to share it with you.  You can download it here.

Feel free to play with the size or the letters to fit your projects.  Have fun!