Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A new miniature challenge from my mom - and I made it!

My mother is starting yet another scene - she says it is the last one because she does not have any more room.  I am not so sure about that...

This time the place to recreate is a doctor's office and the petitions for stuff have already started.  I made for her some medical posters, which was easy enough.  But she asked too for x-rays.

It would have been very easy to just print some x-rays on regular paper, but I wondered if it would be possible to make them so they would be plastic-like, like the real deal.  At first I thought of taking a normal image of an x-ray, make a mirror copy, print them and glue them together, and somehow attach a plastic cover on them.  But then, it occurred to me that the result would probably be too thick, and not very real-looking.

Then, the bulb in my head went on, and I thought about using transparency film.  Even though they may be outdated with the tablet technology, we used them to make Power Point-like presentations.  You can print them at home with a regular printer.  I had a couple of pages that I bought when I made Kassandra's lantern, and I decided to give it a try.

I googled some random x-rays, and simply reduced the size and increased the DPI ratio with Photoshop.  And I made it!  Here is the result:

They look awesome!!
I hope my mom likes them!