Friday, August 7, 2020

The cellar is all done

 Yesterday Kassandra and I spent all day setting up the cellar.  We started by putting the floor, a gorgeous piece from Ana Circea:

Then we started with the walls.  Kassandra wanted to have bricks, because she says they help to keep the wines and the spirits in good condition.  The wallpaper is the lovely design of Veronique, from Pixel Market.  Our first wall was the one with the window.  We joined a couple of sheets together, and then made a template for the window:

Then we cut the the wallpaper to measure and glue it to the wall.  We even got the door off the house to work better

The we added the bamboo blind.  Kassandra was very happy with it!

And then we attached the door to its place again

The bamboo blind is the lovely work of Amanda from Mini Maison Miniatures.  After that, we started with the walls.  We had to attach several pieces together, because it was a long wall:

One down, two to go!

The back wall:

And the left wall.  The door gave us a bit of trouble, but everything got sorted out:

It looks great!

We put all the furniture in place, and Kassandra can start decorating:

What's an skeleton doing there??!!


The story with the skeleton is the following:  I always said that if I had a cellar, I wanted to have a walled up skeleton, as the one that appears in the story "The cask of Amontillado", by Edgar Allan Poe.  So, now that I have a cellar, here we have Mr. Fortunato after the encounter with his destiny.  He is waiting for me to buy some wood to make a false wall to bury him.  For the moment, he is chained up, sitting besides the famous cask of amontillado and accompanied by a rat.  Hopefully I can take care of him soon...