Thursday, May 28, 2015

Puzzle in its final setting and new books

So yesterday the end table I bought to showcase the puzzle arrived!

The puzzle on the new table in its final place
It's a lovely table, just the right size, and it matches the rest of the forniture in the room.  Perfect!

Also, I have been experimenting with some new printables that I bought from My Miniature World Shop:

They are lovely books with actual information in the inside pages.  They are so much fun to do!  It took me a bit to get the hang of them, but I just can't get enough, and will be buying more soon.  Rebecca has lots of books for you to choose from, not only in printable form, also in kits in case you don't have a printer.  Mine are now waiting for new owners in the shelves of my Magic Shoppe:

See them in the bottom shelf, hold by the crystal ball
More books to come soon!  I cannot wait to have the Herbology one!  

I may even try my hand in making one of these books from scratch...

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Puzzle ready to go!

The little puzzle from Amatheria is already mounted on its definitive place:

I chose a parchment canvas over a little balsa wood board - I used very little crafting glue, which I applied with a toothpick, to glue each piece onto the canvas. 

The glueing process
I love how it turned out!  I am currently waiting on a little side table to put it in the drawing room, as if my tenant was working on it. 

I left two pieces out, although they are glued as well, so it would show it is a real puzzle, and not just an image with the pieces shapes drawn onto it (my tenant said she did not mind that only two pieces were left out).

I must confess I am very relieved that none of the pieces were lost during the whole process - now they won't!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

New paper design at my shop

It's been quite some time now that I want to craft realistic looking papers for dollhouse settings.  I think there isn't just enough of them - specially if you are like me, and don't have an ordinary looking house that can get by with things such as romantic letters or cute notepads.  I bought a set of printable parchment witchy papers from Vectoria Designs for my own dollhouse, and they are just so irresistible that I wanted to share what I created with them.

I made a couple of box holders for my dollhouse' shop to showcase them to customers:

But then, I thought most people would not care for that, so I turned them into pretty pagan stationery:

If your house has a witch or wizard, they would probably welcome them!  You can find them in my shop.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

New Spell Books up for sale in my shop

A new collection of books are now up for sale in my shop:

They can be acquired as a collection, or one by one.  The first three feature graphics mady by Chocolate Rabbit.  They feature skulls, bats, scrolls and other motives.  The last one features graphics made by Vectoria Designs.  It looks like a very old tome with decorated corners.  

All of them have antiqued blank papers, hand cut one by one.

They will look perfect in any medieval setting, library or study of a witch or wizard.

Make them yours today!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mini puzzle already made!

My vampire tenant wants you all to know that she has already assemble her puzzle:

She hopes you enjoy it, and asks that please, nobody else gifts her unsolved puzzles.  But you can order one for yourself from Amatheria here.

As soon as I find a place for it in the dollhouse I'll post pictures.  I am still figuring out the logistics on how to display it so it can be seen it is a puzzle, and not just an image.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Miniature puzzles

I am a puzzle fan, and I have posted here some of the puzzles my husband and I did in the past.  You cannot imagine my surprise when I found on Etsy a seller that had miniature puzzles for dollhouses!  

His shop is called Amatheria, Pablo is the owner, and he has some amazing miniatures that I very much regret I cannot put in my own dollhouse.  Take a note of this wonderful Art Nouveau set:

Or these amazing working miniatures. A TV set:

Or a gramophone.  Maybe I can save for one of these:

For now, I purchased a puzzle with a design by Alphone Mucha - "Job":

It was a gift for my vampire tenant.  I must say she did not seem very happy when she saw it, but she took it from my hands and said she was going to do it immediately.  I was baffled, but then I remembered that thing about vampires having to stop what they were doing when someone throws a bag of thorns or seeds in the floor before them and they have to count each and every one of the dropped items.  Maybe puzzles are something like that for them too.  I hope she is not very angry at me...