Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Finally! The Japanese room decor arrived!

Customs had me waiting for more than a month to get my stuff!  I even had to submit a lot of documentation online for the package to be released.  Just crazy!

But finally, it's here!  I painted the shelf units immediately, as I was eager to put them in place.  A simple sanding and black paint did the trick:

Love the modern, simplistic style

 And this is how the room looks now, with everything in its place:

Wow, a lot of new things!

The picture if finally in the wall.  I used the big unit to display a battery operated lamp, an orchid, and some boxes - they hide objects inside when not in use, such as the food when the table is being used for other purposes - like studying, writing or playing.  I still have to put a couple of pictures on the silver frame.  You can also see the aquarium:

A tray with sushi waiting to by munched, and a tea jar with painted goldfish (from Reutters).  Also, new plates and a sake set:

I designed and made the floor lamp, and printed it on vellum paper, and used a balloon light inside to ligth it.  The beautiful katana and stand come from the talented hands of Manu, and the set of pictures from Ana Circea.  The books are the work of VĂ©ronique:

The outside walls are still not printed - I am lazy to go to the shop, LOL!  I have a vase and a smaller set of teapot and cups that need to be painted.  Hopefully I´ll do that soon...