Thursday, September 23, 2021

Free printable! Fall coloring books

Fall is here! Oh, how I miss the beautiful fall colors I enjoyed in Virginia.  Here in Salamanca we go from the heat and brightness of the summer to a grey, chilly fall, with no colors to enjoy, due to the lack of trees.

And what better way to entertaint oneself now that the weather does not invite one to go outside than making miniatures?  So for you to spend some fun time at home with a cup of hot steaming tea and a cracking fireplace, here are some fall and Thanksgiving themed coloring books, both for children and adults.  Enjoy!


As always, feel free to print and make as many as you like, gift them to friends, and pass the file along to anyone (links back are nice too!).  Just please, do not sell the file or your creations.  Thank you! ♥

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Free printable! Ballet coloring books

I have been having so much fun in the last days designing and making coloring books!  They are so simply, and yet so delightful  I have already 3, and if the mood strikes me, I may do more.  However, since most of them are seasonal, I will be uploading them when the date is correct.

But ballet knows no season, so here is the first one.


I hope you enjoy the printie.  As always, feel free to make as many books as you like, gift them to friends and share the file (links back are nice too!), but please, don't sell the file or your creations.  Thank you! ♥