Thursday, November 26, 2015

Moving again!

It's the never ending story!  

We are moving again to a new home.  My current landlady wants to sell the apartment, and since we are not interested in buying it, we are relocating.  Funny thing is, we are moving to one of my co-workers' apartment. She has also recently moved to a new bigger apartment, and she wanted to rent hers.  So my husband and I are now her renters.  We will be doing the moving next Monday.

I am very excited to get to decorate a new place!  My aunt is taking me next week to IKEA to buy furniture, and my friend Esther said she wanted to help us with the cleaning and assembling.  Lucky for me I still had vacation days, but I won't be having any resting, LOL!

We already ordered a new frame for our mattress - it will be delivered in two weeks, luckily we got the futon!

I am very nervous, and I want Monday to get here already!

On the other hand, my mom and I will be attending Tom Bishop's Miniature Show in two days, which will be lots of fun!  Although it comes in a bit of a hectic moment, though.  I will probably be wearing one of my Steampunk corsets, so if you happen to attend and you see me, come say hi!