Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Free printable! Opera magazines

I have been busy, so some time has passed since last time I visited Kassadra.  Today I found her storing some magazines in her new library.

"Hello, my dear", she said.  "Long time no see!"

"Indeed.  You have been busy..."

"Of course!  As soon as I finish organizing these, I will give you a tour of the house for you to see all the new stuff" (more info on that tomorrow!).

"More magazines?"

"Well, naturally!  My daughter Jean is very fond of opera, so I got some specialized isssues for her.  I am just putting them in the library, because I really have no more space in the living room".


Fantasy apart, both my husband and I enjoy opera, so these magazines are a wink at him.  I used real opera magazine covers, and put an ad related to music in the back.  I am happy to share them with you, in case you need some magazines lying around.  HERE you go!  Have fun with them.  As always, please feel free to make gifts out of them, and share the printie with anyone (links back are nice too!), just please do not sell the file or you creations.  Thank you! ♥

Need more magazines?  Here you have some ballet magazines and belly dance magazines!