Thursday, June 25, 2020

More haberdashery pieces

I just can't get enough!

I think that these two are, as of now, my favorites (along with the measuring tape display!):  two cute thimbles displays!

I also made two individual cards with thimbles

The thimbles are pieces from Bindels Ornaments.  They look gorgeous and so authentic-looking on the displays!

The collection is growing...
 More soon!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Haberdashery shop

I had never been fond of haberdashery minis, but recently I have found out that it was because most of the items I had seen were poorly made.  I recently found a shop full of downloadable printables, and many of them were haberdashery items.  I fell in love!

So, in the the last days of quarantine, I purchased a beautiful shop front, that you can even hang from a wall when finished!  It is small, and it wasn't expensive, but it is regal!  It is mahogany-colored wood, and it even has a "glass" for the front window.  And the back opens for easy access to the inside: 

Isn't it gorgeous?
The shop that I found that has the most amazing printables that I have seen in a long time is Zenas Miniatures.  They are not expensive at all, you can buy them and start working on your project right away.  Zena also has ready-made items that you can purchase, and her gowns and clothes are beautiful!

This is the shop, with some of her printables already in place:

Isn't this button stand incredible?  It took me 4 afternoons to complete all the tiny button cards!
So happy to have a project that I can make almost entirely out of printed paper.  I have seen a couple of miniatures that I want to buy, though.  You absolutely need a sewing machine at a haberdashery shop!  And scissors.  And maybe a pretty sewing box...

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Filling up the fridge

I have been so excited to work on these!  Who doesn't love a fridge all filled up with nice refreshing sodas and beers when heat starts to make you sweat?

This has been so much fun!  I bought 15 empty cans to play with, because I wanted the fridge to have all sorts of drinks inside - naturally, I wanted to include my favorites, which I could not find ready made.  I also wanted some cans on the counter of the magazine kiosk.

The most tiring part was perusing the web for good logos, and then cleaning and adjusting them to fit the labels.  I designed the labels to match actual drink cans (even though they may be old designs now).

It was such a meticulous project, but very rewarding.  I love how well they turned out!

The alcoholic beverages are on top, so the kids won't reach them.
It is a pity that the template won't be used by anyone else, so I am happy to make it a free printable, just in case you need some sodas or beers at your scene.  Enjoy it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Luxury bed linens for Kassandra

Even though the bedroom of Kassandra's summer home is finished, she still isn't pleased with the bed.  She still does not know if she will keep the mahogany bed, or if she will replace it for a much modern black metal bed.

But in the meantime, she said her current bed looked awful, and she has been busy perusing the webs for a nice coverlet.  Given her taste, she has difficulty in finding fabrics she likes, specially modern ones.  However, she found on Facebook (yeah, she is on Facebook, although I do not know who taught her how to use it) a lovely seller from which she bought a nice bedding set.

Today it arrived, and she asked for help in dressing up the bed.  So first we took the bedding out of the bag and tried it on for the effect:

She wasn't happy that the current bed cover was visible underneath the pillows
So, we decided to take it all off again, and start a complete makeover.  We took the mattress out of its place, and stripped it of the bolster.

The bed, as it came to us.  The linen is all wrinkled too, argh!

Then we ironed a piece of red satin fabric (it was remnants of when I used to make wedding ring pillows). 

It is a gorgeous fabric!
We cut it to measure, and we took out the glue gun to fix it in place.  It was easy enough!

So shiny!
It was piece of cake to dress it up with the quilt and the pillows!

Even though it is a different red and a different fabric, Kassandra is happy with the final result

An inviting bed to rest on! I wonder who gave her the flowers, and what is inside that MAC bag...
The gorgeous bedding came from LTW Miniatures.  She makes lovely bedding sets for single and double beds, and pillows too.  Go check her out!