Sunday, May 24, 2020

Time to tend the plants!

Today I visited Kassandra.  She was very busy getting the conservatory ready for some work with plants.

"Good morning", I said to her.  "Are you bringing your flowers already?"

"Good day to you!  No, not yet.  I am having delivered some furniture soon, but it is for the terrace, because good weather is coming, and I want to have guests during the summer".

"But Kassandra, you do not even have the parlor ready!"

"Who needs the parlor, when you can enjoy a summer evening outdoors?  I assure you, my guests won't mind, as long as there are food and drinks available.  Although I should think about bringing a TV set and games for the young ones..."

"I got you these, so you will be ready when your plants arrive".

"Oh, aren't you lovely?  Thank you very much!  I will keep them in the conservatory until I have need of them".


It was so much fun designing these bags!  I made a very easy to make printable, and I am happy to share it, so here you go!  Have fun with them, resize them, fill a shop shelf with them!  As always, you are welcome to share the printie, but please do not sell it.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Ballet Studio has a mirror!

Finally!  Some days ago the mirror for the ballet studio arrived, and Kassandra installed it on the chosen wall:

"How wonderful!", she said. "Now I only lack a portable barre.  And I already know who I am going to ask to make it for me."
"A very skilled professional who made a perch for my raven Eddie.  It was ages ago, but I see that from time to time he stills posts his work for sale.  I will have to talk to him".
"I cannot wait to see it.  I am sure it will be really nice".


Fantasy apart, I did not want to use a real mirror for this project.  I was afraid it would weight too much to stay put on the wall, and also it could break.  So I chose some acrylic mini mirrors instead.  They are very light, and they cannot break.  The reflection is not bad, although not as good as a real mirror.  But I am very happy how well it looks!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

New project in the making...

It was a sudden idea that entered my head when I was browsing printables for dollhouses on Etsy.

Long ago I projected a market stall - only I wasn't very sure what to do with it.  I wanted it to be an organic products shop, but somehow the project was put in the back burner, and I never got around to even start it.  I reasoned it was because I was actually not convinced of my idea, so I let the matter go.  But some days ago, after buying some seed packets to put in my conservatory, I saw something in the listing that caught my attention immediately, and I decided it was going to be my next small project: a newsstand, or magazine kiosk.

So, yesterday I ordered a small (and very cheap!) market stall, and so I started planning in my head my new project.  While it arrived, I collected every sort of magazine that I could think of (thank you, Google Images!) and started composing mini-magazines on Photoshop to put on the kiosk; it was not the first time I was doing this, so I already had a template to make the whole process faster.

Today I got the package.  I was surprised when I got it to see it was going to be bigger than I expected:

I opened it eagerly, and found something peculiar.  As you can see, it says "Wood glue included".  Silly me, I thought it was going to be a small white glue bottle, and this is what I found:

Obviously, the glue was absolutely dry, and I tossed it out.  Not that I was going to use it, but who could have thought that including glue like that was a good idea?  In any case, it did not look difficult at all:

So, armed with paper clamps and my Tacky Glue bottle, I started the construction.  It was only a matter of gluing the supporting arms to the canopy, and then the whole thing to the sides of the counter:

It barely took 20 minutes!  Now I have started printing magazine convers and blank inside pages.  They all have backs; an ad related to the thing the magazine is about:

7 done,  about 40 to go!
If you want to craft some magazines for your mini-scene, here are a couple of free printables for you to play with:

More pictures of the progress soon!