Thursday, February 24, 2011

We arrived in Spain

So, we are finally here!

We did not have a very interesting trip, which in this case is something we can be grateful for. No trouble at Dulles, our planes left and arrived on time, our luggage was not lost or stolen - thank goodness!

Both our moms were on the arrival terminal to greet us, and we did have a very nice meal. But hubby is exhausted (napping now, after 2 days of almost not sleeping). It's 5.35 PM here, 6 hours more than our standard EC time - we should be preparing for lunch now.

In any case, I hope I can have news of our new apartment soon - already looking for one!
Wish us luck :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

They say ignorance is bliss...

and sometimes, just sometimes, I agree with it.

On one hand, I do believe that people should keep learning stuff until the day they die. Knowing as much as you can, and from as much topics as you can manage, it's the ideal way for me to go through life.

We are watching at home NCIS, third season. My favorite character (apart from Abby, for obvious reasons) is Ducky. Damn, the man is good! He knows a lot about a lot of different things. And the best part is, he shares the knowledge! Why people keep telling him to shut up? I want to work with somebody like him! Sign me up, right now!! But Jethro... Yes, I get he is charismatic and all that, but the guy is... Well, Ducky told him yesterday he had been waiting for 3 months to see Giselle, and Jethro muttered something about being sorry for him not been able to see his girlfriend. Imagine a co-worker of yours telling you a jewel like that. What would you think of him? Because I would personally think the guy was a dork, and uneducated, and dumb as a bucket. What would a woman on a date with him talk about? No pop culture, no cultural references, no cinema, no ballet, no theater... It's no wonder the guy has divorced 3 times! He only knows how to work, and not even that. His team does all the research for him. He can barely turn on his own computer!!

And on the other hand, even though Jethro does not watch TV (his own words), I am sure he would enjoy TV shows more than me. NCIS is quite well done in terms of scientific research, unlike CSI, which we no longer watch for that reason; the day we saw the team using a centrifuge to do a DNA analysis, we called it quits. Having a scientist watching shows with you keeps you on edge when there are mistakes about lab work. But when a popular series like Vampire Diaries does things like these, it makes me cringe:

And what is wrong with these shots, you may ask? Well, the first one is fairly obvious. They are playing football! We are taken back to Civil War years - think Gone with the wind. Can you imagine Ashley Wilkes and Rhett Butler playing football? Really!? Why not making them go horse riding? Play with dogs? Train falcons? Football. Right. Maybe they think audiences can not relate to the Salvatore brothers unless they are doing something that today kids do... Really? They will not see just two brothers playing and spending time with each other? Are they suggesting that young people today are really that stupid?

The second one. Not so obvious, I admit it. But a mistake, nonetheless. They are lacing the corset wrong. Corsets are laced in the waist line, not at the bottom of the back. And with a pattern of Xs method, not with shoestring lacing, since this method does not allow the corset to be fully closed. - and it ends breaking the corset. Since the majority of people today does not wear corsets, it's understandable that somebody does not know how to lace one. Well, Google is your friend. Even YouTube. Search "how to lace a corset". You'll get tutorials, pictures, even videos on how to do it properly. It takes 2 minutes. Why the costume people did not do it? Because they thought nobody would notice, or care? And they would call themselves professionals...

When seeing this, two other movies that showed corset lacing came to my mind. Titanic by James Cameron and Gone with the wind. I went to them to check. And lo and behold:

Rose is also having hers laced wrong...

But Scarlett's are OK!

Why a major production can pay attention to these things and not a popular series? Is it really because people (audience and makers) don't care? Is it because they just assume that, same as Jethro, we are ignorant and uneducated? Well, I refuse to call myself ignorant. And if I see a mistake in YOUR production, I will point it out, and announce that it is in fact YOU the one that is uneducated.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Last absinthe accessories before moving

I wanted to share my last finds regarding absinthe ritual tools.

I am so happy I found this saucer! I had it on my Amazon wish list and when I went to buy it it was sold out. Luckily for me, I kept searching for it on eBay and one day I found a vendor that had some left. They seem to have disappeared from everywhere. It is a pity that Bonnecaze and Cie. has closed! Love my sugar holder too :)

Also, I got a two level brouilleur. So fun to use! No need for spoons with it, although I adore spoons... Click here for a demonstrative video.

Kubler is as of now my favorite absinthe. I did not particularly enjoy the Lucid - too bitter for my taste, even with sugar. But Kubler is fantastic! We got the bottle around Christmas, and we need to finish it before the move. You can see from the pic that we have been enjoying it :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Corsets for all occasions

Did you think that corsets existed only for tight lacing? Think again! Take a look at all these beauties:

Corset choker by ghostlovejewelry

Another style of corset choker, by 666Tristania666

Pinstripe corset choker by annaladymoon

Fingerless corset gloves by fellow Dark Sider ZenAndCoffee. I am warning you, if you visit her shop you will not be able to pick just one...

Corset display for jewelry by AustinJames

Corset bag by fellow Dark Sider beanbun. I need to get me one of these...

The original Coffee Corset by jenngee. I am the happy owner of one of her designs!

Corset cuff by JewelryliciousStyle

Sterling silver corset ring by WarpedMetals

Corset sachet filled with lavender for your drawers, by sherrilenett

And these... I want them. Right now! By lorisplace