Saturday, March 25, 2023

Scene: First Communion Book Nook

This has certainly been certainly a challenge!

Remember my coworker who had a baby girl, and I made a little scene for?  Well, she was so happy with it that she commissioned one for her goddaughter, who is taking her First Communion next June.

Since it is so difficult (and expensive!) to find empty book nooks, I decided to make one from scratch with foam board.  That way I could make it to the measurements I needed.  

For starters, I decided on the base side (15 x 12 cm), and continued from there:

I cut the base, and then the walls, to adjust them to it,  It was easy, as the foam board cuts very well with a cutter.  Next step, to cover the walls and floor with wallpaper (my favorite part!).  Sure enough, they come from Pixelmarket's shop:

I chose an elegant French wallpaper with wainscott...

...and a French parquet that I already had.

Next step, to glue the walls and floor together.  I used regular white glue and it worked very well.  For the ceiling, I used a wood carved ceiling that I already had.  The decoration was very easy and fast:

The final scene

A lovely tiered flower cake, a cross, a chalice, a little tray with Holy Bread, a Bible with a metal cross and a crucifix on a chain.

I made the bunting with the girl's name

All the metal pieces (expect the silver cross) come from Bindels Ornaments

And of course, gift boxes for the honoree!

The table is just a round table that I painted white and covered with fabric paper that I printed at home.  For the outside, I bought a bunch of First Communion papers:

You can see that the outside rose paper is the same as the tablecloth.  I was very happy how it turned out, and my coworker loved it too.  

I myself have learnt a lot while making it, and I am on my way to making another one, this time with a beach wedding theme! ♥♥