Friday, July 14, 2023

My work featured in a book!

I had a surprise today when I found one of my old creations featured in a book!

The book in question is "How to be a vampire", by Amy Gray.  I was perusing the book and was so surprised when I found one of my wedding ring pillows (the ones I used to sell on my shop on Etsy) in page 79:

See the red pillow with ribbons and black leaves? That's mine!

I have absolutely no idea how this picture of my pillow got to be in this book.  I searched the book for pic references, and it only states that all pics (with some exceptions that do not include mine) come from Shutterstock.  So I guess that my picture got stolen at some point.  Which totally sucks.  But oh well...

Here I include the original picture I took of the wedding ring pillow when I put it up for sale, and the modifications that I made so it would look better on the listing:

Original, taken outside on a bright morning

Modified picture that I put as main on the listing

As you can see, they match exactly.  

Well, it is still as surprise that my work was interesting enough to be added to a vampire guide.  I feel honored!! ♥♥

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