Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Building a 1:144 dollhouse kit

My vampire tenant is building a dollhouse!

She has told me that it is a costume in her country that when a woman marries, she starts building a dollhouse that resembles the real house she lives in.  She says that she has not been able to find a castle that resembles her home, so she has opted instead for a little dollhouse, like the one I am renting to her.

She says she found the materials in a shop called MiniaturasMyE, and she is very happy with them.  She even shared with me some pictures:

The kit still in the matrix
She said that even though it came with nothing to decorate, she is definitely adding stuff to the inside.  So she started by designing and cutting her own wallpaper:

The paper comes from Vectoria Designs.  She loves her Steampunk collections!  She says it was difficult to cut all the little windows, but she is happy how that turned out.  She glued the paper to the walls, and then the walls to the base and to themselves:

See the little shatters in the window?
The shatters were supposed to be put at the end of the project, but my lady said that she preferred to add them while the house was not having any material protruding, in case she needed force to make the glue stick.  That was not necessary, though, the glue is fantastic.  It came from The Miniature Garden.

Then she added the first floor base:

And then the roof:

She is currently deciding which color she is going to paint the ceiling, so that is all for now.  I cannot wait to see it finished!

She says she is still unsure about were she is going to put it.  Probably in the parlor, but we will see...


Enrique Vilchis said...

Hola, no había tenido oportunidad de ver el Kit, te está quedando muy bien, ya que la pintes sube fotos. Un abrazo, Enrique

Enrique Vilchis said...

Por cierto, trabajas increíble, felicidades

Kaleidoskopic Romance said...

Muchísimas gracias, Enrique!