Saturday, February 15, 2020

Renovations have started

Kassandra tells me that the repairs of her newly acquired house have started.  She has taken off her nice clothes, and is ready to work on her house, which amazes me.  I never took her for a woman that gets her hands dirty, but I guess she is all excited about her new home.  We already gave the house a good wash to remove the dust, and let it dry well.  Now the roof is being given a new coat of paint:

A work in progress

I paint 3 rows at a time, so as to not get tired - I hate painting!
Also, she said that some required materials for the renovations have been delivered, so yesterday we started the work together.
"Were should we start?", I asked.
"I think we should start by putting the glass in the windows.  Not having glass on them makes the house too open."
"OK, let's do that".

So, we measured the windows and took the plastic sheets to cut them to measure.  It was very easy to cut them; I started with a cutter for straight lines, but scissors work perfectly well too:

And we installed them with some narrow double-sided tape (because everything is easier with double-sided tape!).  

Getting the tape in place

All done!
One down, several more to go.  We did the other window from the first floor:  

It looks very nice from outside!

Then, we moved to the two round windows:

And then the ones in the attic:

But then...

"What's this?  We are out of material!", she said.
"Well, to tell you the truth, I wanted to make sure that we would be able to work with it, before spending too much money on it.  But it works well, and the results are perfect.  I guess I will have to order more..."
"Well, no matter.  In the meantime, we will put the new rails in the terrace, and install the floor of the attic".
"For the floor we need the help of your friend Charles to cut the wood..."
"I know, but that has been arranged.  I´ll have the wood cut in a couple of days.  Before we'll put the cornices to sustain the new floor".
"I really like how well the windows look.  Don't you?"
"Of course!  They look fantastic!"

You can see which windows now have panels due to the reflection

Monday, February 10, 2020

A new acquisition

Today it was Kassandra the one that came looking for me.

"You are going to love this!", she said.
"What is it?"
"I have purchased a new house!  Well, it is not really new, but you'll see..."

And indeed she has.  She was all excited about showing it to me, because...

"After all, you are going to remodel it for me."
"I am very glad to see that you trust my knowledge in these matters".
"Oh, don't worry, I have very clear ideas about what I want for it.  Take a look!"

"Isn't it lovely?  I am thinking about adding an attic.  The ceilings in the first floor are too high.  And I could use some extra rooms..."
"What are you thinking in terms of decoration?"
"In the ground floor, a drawing room and a cellar.  And of course, a library on the first floor.  And I think I need a bedroom too, just in case..."
"So what do you need the attic for?"
"I want a ballet studio.  I need to rehearse.  And did you see it has a conservatory, and a deck?"

"Very nice".
"I cannot wait to start the renovations!"


Fantasy apart, I came across this house by chance, and I bought it locally.  I used some gift money my mother-in-law gave me for my birthday, and I could not be more happy.  I have so many plans for it!

Friday, January 24, 2020

A new piece for the museum is finished!

Some days are just days of accomplishments.

This morning I decided it was time to finally do a much postponed project: the Feejee mermaid case.  I bought a couple of mermaid skeleton charms (just in case one of them got ruined), and asked dear husband to please paint one with his acrylic paints, like he does with his Warhammer skeletons.  "How do you want me to paint it? With shadows, or...?", he asked.  "Paint it however you think it will look best", I said.  And he did, and the results were fantastic!

So, my job was about to start.  Initially, I thought of making the case to showcase the mermaid skeleton with scrapbooking cardboard.  But it looked kind of bland to me, so I decided to use wood instead.  I purchased popsickle sticks, and cut 4 of them to measure to make the body of the case:

2 parts for the bottom, 1 part for each side

And two small pieces to complete the case

All glued up!

After that, it was time to stain and paint.  I wanted the inside to look old, and the outside to give some contrast.  So I stained the inside with Inktense Chestnut ink, and painted the outside with black paint:

Then, I cut a piece of tan velvet paper to cover the bottom of the inside, where the skeleton would lay, as to mimic the look of sand in a beach:

Then I glued the piece of paper and the skeleton, and vòila!

I even added a couple of pamphlets from Victorian exhibitions related to the Feejee mermaid, and a picture of a gentleman posing with one of the multiples Feejee mermaids that were so popular back in the day.

I absolutely love the final look!  It already has a place of honor in Kassandra's museum:

Is it hoax? Is it true? Who knows!
The musuem is coming along very nicely, but still a lot of work to be done!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Table for the museum, and some new pieces

Yay, it's done!

It only took one afternoon of work, but I am happy with the final result.  This was a serving table that I purchased from Beautifully Handmade, and that I wanted to incorporate to Kassandra's museum.  The drawers did not have holes for me to put on the pullers, so I had to do them myself.  Good thing that my husband had the right tool for me to do it!

I simply stained it with Scalecolor Inktense Chestnut ink, and let it dry.  Then, I added the handlers, which are, of course, pieces from Bindels Ornaments.

And vòila!

The lower shelf has a bit of uneven color, but it was hell trying to stain the little rail between the boards!  I had to use a double 0 brush, and even so, ink got everywhere.  But alas, I am guessing most of the shelf will be covered by artifacts, so I do not think it will matter in the end.  Here are already some pieces decorating the table:

You can see here the sides of the Egyptian jewelry box.  The round box is supposed to have lapislazuli inlays.

Also, here are some religious artifacts, made with Bindels pieces as well:

Today I put a huge order with them, hoping I can recieve it for next weekend, which will be four days long!  I cannot wait to start crafting with them,  I have plenty to do!

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Crafting for the museum

Isn't it wonderful when you just have to craft something because you cannot wait to see it finished?  The museum room is starting to have pieces to display.  First one: a jewelry box that used to belong to an Egyptian queen!

Remember that old jewelry box that I repurposed into a Tarot cards box?  Well, it has been repurposed again into a jewelry box!  I removed the golden sun charm from the lid, and painted it again for a new decoration.  Hubby lent me the paints - I had to use a mix of two colors to match the box's brown:

Then, I used an scarab charm to decorate the lid.  I wanted it to be yellow gold, like most jewels were in the Ancient Egypt.  I simply painted the scarab with a golden paint, let it dry, and affixed it to the lid:

Before and after painting
I even added a red jewel to the center of the piece!
Then I decorated the sides with scenes taken from Egyptian papyrus, depicting scenes from the Book of Dead.

And the most fun part: to add the jewels inside!  Naturally, they are pieces from Bindels, except the Ankh, which I already had.  A nice pair of lotus earrings, a bracelet and a charm piece!  I love them!

I hope to be able to do the table in which everything Egyptian will be displayed this weekend.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Tom Bishop Show 2019

Back home from Madrid, after attending the Tom Bishop Show!  This year I did not get a lot of stuff, but some of the stuff I got is out of this world.

First purchase, a showcase cabinet for the museum, from Mariví Sacristán:

I already have pretty much all the furniture I need.  I do not think I will be buying more pieces, unless they are small, but we'll see...

Then, the fabulous hand-made pieces!  First, a couple of items for the museum, courtesy of 64TNT Miniatures:

A wonderful collection of bird eggs...
... and a tall glass dome display with a big egg
Loredana's work is simply astounding!  Every year I come home with at least one piece from her.
Then, a kit from Taller Targioni:

I will use the dome to finally make the Phantom of the Opera shrine I have wanted to make for a long time.  
And a couple of pieces for the soap shop.  Two pillows from Pilar Alén:

And one from MiniMaribe:

But the crown jewel of this year is this espectacular beauty:

This is the otherwordly creation of Elena González.  She makes dolls, but her specialty are these amazing gothic ladies.  I fell in love with her, and my mom bought it for me, as an anticipated Christmas gift.  Here she is, getting acquainted with Kassandra:  

I'm guessing they will make friends very fast!