Sunday, January 7, 2024

Free printable! TVA stationery from the Loki TV series

I am a big fan of Loki.

When I heard they were doing a series about him I though, "Yay! Time for him to shine not in the shadow of his brother!".  At the end, I was not a big fan of the plot of the series.  But I was definitely a fan of all the cool stationery and paper stuff of the Time Variance Authority shown in the series!

My husband was as well, so he asked me to make for him something that he could have on his table and use for his every day work.  And I was more than happy to comply!

So I created these cool TVA notepads sheets, that I am more than happy to share with you!

It's very easy to make a notepad out of these sheets.  I will provide instructions, or you can check out this great video on how to make them.

First, gather all your necessary materials:

- TVA sheets - I usually print 10; that way you get a 40 pages notepad.  You can do more or less, your choice.  Print them in regular copy paper.

- A piece of cardboard - I used 1mm cardboard; that's the same as cereal boxes or soda packets.

- White glue and a brush, or a palette for extending it.  If you have PVA glue or Mod Podge it works as well.

- A couple of clamps.

- A pencil, ruler and scissors, or X-Acto knife.

- Optional: double-sided tape.

1) Cut out all your TVA sheets.  Cut inside the lines if you don't want any black showing.

2) Use the ruler and pencil to trace a rectangle in the cardboard the same size as your TVA sheets.  Hint: it measures 12 x 9.3 cm.  Cut it and set it aside for now.

3) Gather the TVA sheets neatly, with all the borders aligned, and clamp them with the clamps.  I use a scrap piece of board so the clamps won't mark the paper.

4) Use the palette or the brush to extend a thin layer of glue on the top edge of the clamped sheets.  Let it dry completely and repeat the process a total of 3 times.

5) When everything is completly dry, you can attach the sheets to the piece of cardboard you cut previously.  You can glue them with the glue, or you can use double-sided tape.  Naturally, you can skip this last step, but I prefer to do it so the notepad will be more sturdy.  But again, it's up to you.

Well, there you go!  A very nice TVA notepad for your desk!  I included two different sheets for your project, one in orange and one in black.  I copied two designs that appear in the ending credits of the show:

Orange pad

Black pad

I hope you have lots of fun crafting these!  Feel free to print as many as you like, make gifts for friends and pass the file along to anyone; links back are nice too.  Just please do not sell the file or your creations.  Thank you very much, and enjoy! ♥

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