Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A miniature lantern for Kassandra

I bought a miniature lantern kit from We Love Miniatures a long time ago, and I finally had the time this weekend to make it for Kassandra.  It was challenging, but so much fun to make:

I left it in black color to mimick one that I have in real life made of cast iron.  I figured since Kassandra loves black she would like it that way.

Annie has a wonderful YouTube channel full of miniature tutorials that you should definitely check.  She also offers some freebies in her website to make those tutorials, including the lantern that I finished (she doesn't sell the kit anymore, instead you can download it for free).

Here is the video tutorial for the lantern:

Kassandra was very happy when I presented it to her.  She is going to use it in her study, for those long hours of work during the night.  She says she is always afraid that the candle wax from a loose candle will drip onto her papers and books.  That won't be happening anymore!

I will be doing very soon another one of Annie's tutorials: a boxwood for Kassandra to put by her doorstep.  Waiting on the delivery of some urns to begin the work...

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