Saturday, June 29, 2013

Crafting an edible treasure chest

My aunt's birthday was 2 days ago, but we are celebrating it tomorrow.  I have never baked a birthday cake, but when I saw a lovely tutorial to make a pirate or mermaid treasure chest I knew I had to make one for her:

Picture from the Etsy Blog entry
This is what I used:
Kit-Kat bars
Nesquik powder
A strip of black licorice
Brown sugar
Chocolate coins
A seashell candy mold
An artist brush
Wooden skewers

I followed the instructions provided in the tutorial.  I used the Wilton candy melts as "glue" to attach all the sides of the crate, and I extended it with the skewer - looked a lot simpler and cleaner to me.  Also, since I could not find jewels or edible pearls, I adorned the sand with a sea star and 2 seashells that I made with the seashell mold and the candy melts:

In the making process.  My Kit-Kat bars came in pieces of 2 instead of 4, so I had to attach 2 of them together to make each side of the crate.

Detail of the "handle"

So, things that I learned while doing this:
- Work with chocolate in the Winter rather than in the Summer.  Seriously.
If you really have to make this during Summer:
- Work in an air-conditioned room if at all possible.
- If the air-conditioned room is not available, do it at first hour in the morning, while it is still fresh outside.
If you cannot do any of the above:
- Work with your hands as cold as possible.
- Stop the work every 5 minutes and put everything in the fridge for a while (except the melted chocolate) so it can cool and the chocolate of the bars does not melt.  Also, it will help the "glueing" process so the crate sides do not come apart.
I know this from my sad experience; my crate came apart (all parts of it!) when I had just finished it and was putting on the coins.  So I had to redo it all again.  That's why there is visible chocolate in the bars in the last pic.

I just hope my aunt likes it!

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