Thursday, August 25, 2011

Something very pretty I have just purchased

It has been ages since I treated myself to a little something from Etsy - actually, this is the first time since we left the US in February. And I am delighted, and can not wait until my parcel arrives!

Let me explain. Since Halloween is almost here, I have been considering buying the Canadian series "The little vampire", starring Joel Dacks, Christopher Stanton and the adorable Marsha Moreau. It was released in 1985 (I was 9!), and it became one of my favorites. All these years I have been yearning for it to be released, and now it is available, although only through Amazon Germany. Well, they had some props in the series that as a child I always wanted to possess:

- a jar of rams (spelling?) - it was a magical black dust that sprinkled over a cloak would make you fly. They kept it on a glass jar with a little bat on the lid - still working on the design of this one...
- a vampire cloak, of course - I made one out of tulle from an old petticoat my mother had. Now I have two velvet cloaks adult size ;)
- a moss rock - they were moss covered rocks that they kept as crypt decorations... And now I have (or I will soon) five!!

I found them on Etsy, and the amazing seller teresab123 was so helpful answering my questions and putting up a listing specially for me. Go check her shop, it is full of beautifully made terrariums, plants, and moss, moss everywhere!! I am sure you'll find something you'll love.

It seems my vampire childhood obsession is almost complete. Now I only have to buy the series and get me a glass of rams. Maybe Lumpi will pay me a visit...

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