Friday, April 16, 2010

The nerve of some people...

It still amazes me at what lengths people can go to try to make sales...

I just deleted two comments. The first one was of someone that said s/he was sorry about my incident (in the previous post), and the second was the same, but it was signed with an URL of an Etsy shop - of miniatures.

What is wrong with people? I don't know that person; I have never bought from her (or her from me) or talked to her, or e-mailed or anything. What does she think it is perfectly acceptable to come here, and leave a spam? Because that is spam, not self-promotion; it is not even sympathy for what happened to me.

I may have come across her work at Etsy and out of my own write about it, hoping that she may have some success in this competitive world. I even write to the featured artists to let them know about it, and to offer to take down the post if they are not happy. But hey, since you are already "promoting" yourself, I guess you don't need my help.

I would "wish" you good luck and sign my comment with my Etsy shop URL, but your profile is not even available...


dale said...

Kassandra, I am so sorry!

Perhaps it was because I left links from who I collaborate with after you had left a link?

Maybe they thought it was a free for all?

I never understand the leaving of a link as a tag line in a blog post or forum post. If peeps are interested, they can click further, it's not like the information is not out there for people to find.

I'm sorry, dear. :(

Arantxa said...

Vanesa,te he dejado un premio en mi blog.

Pasate a por el.

Besitos y da recuerdos a tu mami

Pandora said...

I have had comments left trying to sell stuff and it is very annoying especially when they have no relation to my posts!

When I have left comments on new blogs, sometimes the blogger has not been able to find my blog so I have got into the habit of including my blog address when I comment on a new blog. I am wondering now whether it is a good idea because I don't like spammers so wouldn't want to be mistaken for one!