Friday, January 22, 2010

Birthday and minis

Yay! Another year wiser! No, I am not going to say "older". It's being a birthday somehow wet; it's been raining since yesterday. But no matter, nothing is going to stop me from dressing up this evening when we go to dine...

Mr. Postman just came and delivered some cute minis from Manor House Miniatures. More glass jars for the apothecary cabinet, showing here:

They are the ones in the third and fourth shelves. Just filled up!

Also, I have been spending some minutes in placing Edgar, the pet raven, in his new stand, a Christmas gift from minibuilder. He is so happy to have a place from where he can watch everything!

Can you see him just over the book stand?

I will announce tomorrow the winner of the Birthday Give Away. You still have time (until local 12 am this evening) to participate. Just answer the question here and you can win a hand-made miniature for your dollhouse - Valentine's Day theme.

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