Monday, January 18, 2010

Birthday Give Away

I will be celebrating my birthday on Friday the 22nd, and following up the tradition Debbie of Tiny Treasures has begun, I will be giving away a gift on that day.

One lucky winner will get a surprise gift - well, it's a surprise, but I will let you know some things:
- It's a 1/12 scale miniature
- It's hand-made by me
- It will fit in any dollhouse, no matter the style
- It will be perfect for your Valentine's Day

So, now some rules...

1- You have to be a follower of this blog
2- You have to answer correctly one question. Leave me a message in the Comments section; I will keep them hidden until Friday so you may not copy one another.

This is the question: What is the name of the evil main character in the story "The vampyre" by John Polidori?

You have until Friday to answer the question. I will place the name of all the people that answer correctly in a hat and my husband will pull up a winner.

To make it more interesting, if you answer correctly two questions, you will get your name in the hat two times. The second question you may try to answer is: What is the name of the girl that Carmilla the vampire kills before visiting the narrator of the story?

Good luck for everybody!


Hexotica said...

Have a happy birthday week!!

Kaleidoskopic Romance said...

Many thanks, Hex! :)

rudoo said...

Hi, just joined your blog. Debbie of Tiny Treasures posted the link. I would like to enter your b-day contest. I have not read The Vampyre, but here is what I found. Is it Lord Ruthven (Earl of Marsden)? I could not find the other answer. I am going to keep looking though! Now I think I will have to red this book!
Thanks, Jonna

Debbie said...

The answer to your question is:- Lord Ruthven.
Happy Birthday xx