Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hectic August

Wow, it's almost Fall and it's been some time since my last entry!

On my behalf I would say that it's been quite a hectic August; we went on vacation to Baltimore and Philadelphia, were I have begun a new collecting habit - penny coins. Sure you have seen those machines that you put a penny into and it squeezes it and engraves a design. No? Then, take a look at the Penny Collector web page.

I have been browsing a lot, looking for inspiration for new designs; also making little treasures for my mom's dollhouse; and of course, hunting for new objects for my own dollhouse.

I have purchased some little treasures since last time I shared pics, so here they are:

A whimsical working hourglass for the magic shop; a bit expensive, but worth the price, I think

A door bell for the shop

The lovely mortar and pestle for the study

An unusual book buggy; all these four come from Kerbey Lane Miniatures on eBay

I have been refining my chocolate boxes making technique; I bought a punch to make the top and the bottom more attractive than a simply square. And recently I have acquired some molds to make the bonbons and cookies.
I am waiting for some tin round boxes to arrive to begin crafting like crazy!

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Illustrated Ink said...

These rooms are so cool, it's coming along so nicely! The new chocolate box looks cute!