Friday, January 12, 2018

Ballet magazines and free printable

Today Kassandra asked for a new magazine holder.  I wanted to know what it was going to be used for, to see if I could find a pattern that suited the theme.  Her magazine collection is quite eclectic.

"Ballet", she answered.

"Oh, I did not know you were interested in the arts".

"Oh yes, at home we have a passion for three things, mainly.  Music, specially opera, ballet and belly dance".

I didn't know which one surprised me the most.  Ballet? Belly dance? Opera sounded like the most plausible thing, since it had been around for centuries.  The other two were... unexpected.

"Those are interesting hobbies, specially the dancing", I could finally articulate.

"Oh well, the belly dance is something relatively new.  My adoptive daughter introduced me to it.  I quite enjoy it, it is so fun.  And one of her adoptive daugthers is a ballerina.  I trained her myself.  Now she is the principal dancer of my company."

"I see".  I did not know she had a ballet company.  I wanted to ask more questions, but I was afraid of appearing impertinent, so I didn't.  Hopefully, she will share more in the future on her own accord.  She usually does.

So I went and designed a magazine holder for her ballet magazines.  When I brought it back to her, she seemed pleased.

"I hope it fits your expectations", I said.  "I wanted to convey a vintage, Parisian feeling."

"It is perfect!  The magazines will look great in it."

And then she proceeded to tidy up her collection:


Fantasy apart, I had so much fun making the ballet magazines!  I wanted to have different titles, but I only could find good resolution images mainly from Pointe.  Still, I managed to make each of them different.  And I even put a different advert on each back from famous dance supplies companies! A labor of love!

So, I wanted to share with you all the file for the ballet magazines, hoping you like it, and maybe you can make your own issues to scatter around your mini home.  As always, please feel free to share it with a link back, but do not sell the file.  Enjoy!

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