Thursday, January 18, 2018

An update on the soap shop

It's funny how I do the work in this shop in batches!

Today I took up the soap shop again.  I am having visitors this weekend, and I wanted them to have a look at the scene and see how it is coming up.

I have been painting the furnitre in white these past days.  Nothing to report on that, just painting and letting dry.

But today I wanted to finish the cabinet of the Black and White collection.  So, I gave an extra layer of paint, and let it dry.  Then I took the drawers and replaced the plastic golden knobs by brass handles in the shape of a clam shell:

Love the clam shell pullers!
And then everything could go back to their place:

Yay! Finished!
 Plenty of things here!  I made some and bought some.  The cabinet comes from Beautifully Handmade.  The round metallic boxes, the white candle in glass votive, the brown-striped boxes and the fabric sample catalogues come from Syreeta's Miniatures.  The square boxes at the top (they have real candles inside!), and the white beauty products come from Sophia Miniatures.  The square boxes with a bow and little heart soaps inside, the room diffuser and the three striped and Toile boxes at the bottom of the shelf I made myself.  I don't remember where I got the clam shell pullers.  The basket was a gift from my mom.

And then, since I will be having visitors, I cleaned up the greenhouse.  The walls are not glass, but acrylic, but they are not damaged, so the scene can be seen quite clearly.  Here are some pics of the work so far:

Love my commode!

The glass apothecary jars are both from Sophia and Beacctrice's Miniaturas.  The one with the green soaps I bought ready made from Sophia.  The rest, I filled up and put the labels and ribbons myself. The round hat boxes and the black towels are also Sophia's, and the pitcher and the pillow with the crown are from Pilar Alén.

The box with the decorative papers I made myself.  The aquarium with the jellyfish (they glow in the dark!) is from Ángeles León.  The pillows with the marine decorations are from Vilia Miniature.  You will see that this shop will have a very dominant marine/ocean theme... The nesting tables are a gift from my mom.

This counter still needs a lot of work done...
The counter I bought on a miniature show called Kas y Tas.  The towels and the black basket are from Sophia.  The brown basket and the folding table are gifts from my mom.  As you can see, my mom keeps giving me stuff she does no longer need.  Not that I am complaining...

I will be crafting more little details as soon as I finish painting the last shelf.  And that one needs a lot of painting... Oh my!

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