Saturday, September 16, 2017

Kassandra's big renovation part 5 - the hall

So it began!

I started out by cutting a pattern so the sheet would fit the stairs as perfectly as possible; I also made the patterns for the other two walls; obviously, the stairs were the more difficult.  I had to redo the pattern four times:

Patterns waiting to be used

Trying on the pattern in the wall
So, off to print some sheets.  It was very easy with the pattern at hand; and, as always, I had to add a cornice because the paper was a bit short for the wall:

It is not the same cornice as in the parlor, just to give it a different touch, since it is a room less heavily decorated, and the wide one seemed excessive to me.  And then the back wall, which was super easy to affix (probably the easiest of the whole house!):

And the last wall.  Not as difficult as the stairs, but with the pattern peechy keeny!

Yay!  Perfect!

The hall looks great now!
And everything back in its place
I learned the hard way that you cannot use Blue Tack with these papers.  I tried to glue the hooks with it, but I made a mistake and had to take it out.  To my dismay, the Blue Tack would not separate from the paper.  Every time I tried with a little ball to pull it out, the rests became bigger.  So I had to tear out the paper, print, cut and glue it again.  Now everything is attached with superglue (hooks and lamp magnet), currently in the process of setting.

It is almost done!  Just one wall to go, and the big renovation will be finished!

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