Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tom Bishop Show!

My mom and I went to Tom Bishop Show last Saturday morning.  And it was awesome, as always. 

We met a lovely woman and her son.  She told us that she had to be on sick leave this year, and that that made it the perfect moment to start her dream of having a dollhouse.  Of course, she was ecstatic when she saw all the beautiful things the show had to offer her.  We hope we can met them again next year.

Here are the treasures I brought home.  These are a pair of DIY kits from Nalladris:

An enchanting greenhouse from Minis By Angie:

It even opens!
 A pitcher and a pillow from Pilar Alén Miniaturas:

A lot of bowls and glass bottles (for the soap shop), and planters (to make plants for the greenhouse) from Chic Dollhouse:

A couple of jars for the soap shop from Viliaminiature:

A lovely pair of domes from 64tnt Miniaturas:

I am still unsure about what to do with the empty one
And I could not let the show pass without visiting Beatricce Miniaturas.  My mom gifted me the caramel-colored jar:

Some of them are already in their final place.  Others, I am still thinking about.  Have you been to any shows lately?

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