Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Belly Dance Workshop with Jillina!

I have certainly been busy!  I had scheduled a belly dance workshop with the lovely and talented Jillina the same weekend as the Tom Bishop Show.

I booked the workshop (3 lessons of 2 hours each) last July, so it has been a darn coincidence that the two events ended up being at the same time.  I had to renounce to one of Jillina's lessons to be able to go to the miniature show; I have been very sorry to have to do that, because the lessons were beyond awesome.

It was so much fun, and we ended up learning two choreographies of about 3 minutes each.  But it was less about what I had the opportunity to learn and more about the good vibes, the energy, the sisterhood and being able to dance and chat with such magnificient dancer. 

I had been wanting to do a workshop with Jillina since I found out about her (circa 2005).  When I lived in the US I never had the opportunity to do so, and thus this has been a long dreamed moment. It was well beyond my expectations.  I did not have a moment rest in all the weekend (and the following week I was exhausted), but I ended up so so happy that it was very worth it.

I also had the chance to buy some DVDs from her, and I heartly recommend them: Immortal Desires, Dark Side of the Crown and Oriental Choreography with Jillina.

Taken when the last workshop finished :)
Very looking forward to the next belly dance workshop, whenever it is!

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