Sunday, May 29, 2016

Vampire hunting kit for my dollhouse

Remember that project that I wanted to start with a chest box that I bought?  Well, it is almost finished, but I could not wait to share some pictures of it and to talk about what the project entailed.

I wanted to do a vampire hunter kit to display in Kassandra's shop.  I had seen some of these kits for sale, but the ones that I liked were really out of my budget.  So, I decided to try and make my own.

So I bought this box:

I had seen some kits that were made into a suitcase or a trunk, and they were absolutely gorgeous.  But I though "If someone is running or galloping after a vampire he or she needs something portable that could be carried without too much effort, like a small box".  So I chose this box that was, maybe, the size of a jewelry box or small chest.

The first thing I did was strip the box of everything it had inside:

Then, I took red "suede" paper like the one it had, took measurements and cut some pieces to redo the inside:

And then, I started making everything a vampire hunter may need.  First, a bible.  I made it by cutting small pieces of wood for the pages, and covering them with a nice vintage-looking paper cover.  I also painted the wood with golden paint, to imitate gilded pages:

Then I purchased some crosses and a silver dagger, and attached everything to the lid of the box with suede paper strips:

I knew I needed a very small glass bottle for the "Holy Water" - my usual apothecary glass bottles would not do. I had the opportunity of buying a very cute bottle at one of Tom Bishop's shows:

After that came a long hiatus of work and the move to the new home, so I was too busy with life things.  Today I retook the vampire hunter project after finally knowing how I wanted to continue. I cut a couple of pieces of plywood to redo the box compartments:

Then I covered the pieces with the red suede paper:

Next, stakes!  I took decorated toothpics, cut them to fit the box and filed the end to a point with the help of a blade. Then I used regular acrylic ink to paint them:

Next step, parchments rolls.  I simply took my parchment paper, cut a couple of strips, rolled them and tied them with black cord:

And finally!  My cute glass bottle!  I made a label saying "Holy Water", printed it on the parchment paper and attached it to the bottle.  And this is how the box looks now:

I still need to do a mallet and a garlic from polymer clay.  But I probably need to buy some new blocks for that - mine were rather unworkable.  I am so happy how well turned out!

I will post more pics when I do the mallet and the garlic.  I hope you enjoy this post.  I certainly did, both doing the project and writing about it!

UPDATE: This is awesome!  You want your own life-sized, portable vampire hunting kit?  Check these out!  Oh, one day one of these will be mine...