Thursday, January 28, 2016

A new dollhouse scene

Having visited IKEA for a number of times recently due to my moving, I became aware of a lovely item that is sold as a mini greenhouse for small plants - in case you do not have a garden and want one to protect your plants during winter (1).  It is called Socker, and it is a cutie:

I don't have live plants in my home, only artificial ones - basically because real plants tend to die on me, poor things.  I have no use for a greenhouse, but it occurred to me that it would looked like a miniature greenhouse in 1:12 scale if only it had a door.  Then suddenly the idea to create a dollhouse scene inside this cute greenhouse was set in my mind.  It is big enough, high enough, and so much cheaper than any roombox I have found online (the Socker is priced at $20 in the IKEA catalog).  But even though it was a greenhouse, I did not want to recreate a scene related to gardening because I am not good with plants.  Oh no, my lovely tenant had her own idea about what this should be...

She said she was going to open a shop: a modern shop for beauty products.  Mainly soap and toiletry products.  A place to go to buy stuff to pamper yourself and have a SPA day at home.  She already has some good ideas about the set up, and how it is going to be named.  She won't share it with me though.  She said I will have to wait until she has designed the shopping bags.

The Socker greenhouse was bought and is already mounted and waiting to be worked on.  It is wonderful that since the walls are transparent I will not have to think about wallpapers and floors, since I do not like to work with them.

I am so so excited about this new project!

(1) Funny enough, while I was looking for pictures of the Socker greenhouse to attach to this post, I came across some reviews which said it is really not very useful as a greenhouse because humidity tends to escape, and users advised to use it only as decorative item.  In case you were thinking about buying one to keep your delicate plants.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Tom Bishop's Show - a lot later than it should have been

It has been a very busy December.  Happy New Year everyone!!

With the moving, the setting up the new home, IKEA purchases and family gatherings, I have not had a moment of rest.  I was so very eager to share what I got at Tom Bishop's show, and I have not had the time until now.  But finally! Here are all the goodies:

A lot of stuff from Sophia Miniatures.  You can find all the things in the picture in her shop.  The flower candles are real wax with a wick!

A wonderful medieval candelabra from the talented Nalladris.  I had the chance to chat with her for some minutes, and she is so delightful and kind.  It was truly a pleasure to meet her.

A sack of spices from Gemma Such.  I own several pieces from this artist, she is so talented for  country-style stuff!

A pot of mushrooms from 64tnt Miniatures.

Another open book, and a fish fossil and precious stone.  I cannot find the cards from these artists, so if this is your work, please contact me and I'll be happy to credit you and link to your shop.

And finally, more glass laboratory goodies: glass containers, a jar with pipettes, and a test tube rack from Beatricce Miniaturas.  I am running out of room to put them, but I just love them so much, they are incredibly realistic!  The little glass bottle with the cork will go to a very special project I am working on.

I also got a black LED chandelier, to replace one that I had and stopped working.  This one was an unexpected purchase that my budget was not ready for, because I expected to buy one online later on, but I got a very good price and, naturally, no shipping charges.

I also bought some supplies to make parchment documents and books, and miniature glass bottles for future apothecary cabinets.  And of course, it was a pleasure to talk with María José and Mónica from LugArtpetit (the makers of my bonsais).

I just learned that there is another miniature show in Madrid in February, so I hope I can attend that one as well.

In the following days I hope I can post pictures of my life-size house.  I am very happy how everything turned out now that we have finally finished.